Day 1 (30 days of June)

2012_02_21 104

I'm embarking on reviving the life out of this blog. I thought I'd do some daily blogging for a change. The daily postings will not be following a template of sorts, I'd just wing it I thought with what comes up in every day living.

For example today, as I was paying for my coffee from the coffee cart, the lady voiced her disbelief that anyone would take time to sit there and color/paint a 25-cent coin. I gave her a combination of dollar bills and quarters for my coffee and one of the coins is colored red. Naturally, she would inspect if the coin is really a quarter or even an American coin. It was, of course it was. But the fact that she was surprised that there is someone out there who would do this piqued my interest. There are many things that people do that other people would find queer. Can you think of any that would make you say, WHY DO THEY DO THAT?

Off hand, here is my short list of things that people do that make me shake my head:
***The hoarders. Have you seen them on tv? They keep everything, every single thing. I know of someone close to me who are in that borderline category of hoarding. I don't know if I'd have the guts to tell them something's not right here.

Well, I guess that's all I can think of right now.


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