Day 28 (30 days of June)

As I sit here contemplating about our upcoming trip to India for a week and 3 weeks of visiting the in-laws in Bangladesh I pray that I would enjoy the trip. Let's back-up here. It's not that I don't enjoy the trips I have had, believe you me I have had a ball. Except that minor things seem to upset me pretty quickly, like suffocating heat and humidity for instance. I would like for this time to let something like that to just roll off my back and into the ground. I wish I would find the sense of the here and now when I go on vacation. Just like when we were in Paris for the short 6 hours. In that span of time, a very short layover, we managed to see Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Arc de Triomphe while we spent a large chunk of that 6 hours trying to retrace our steps because hubby lost his wallet in the train. Can you believe that? However, what is more unbelievable about this trip was that hubby dropped his wallet on the train, I am the messy unorganized of the two and yet I had all my credit cards and cash all tucked in my person and he's the organized one who lost everything. I was calm and sensible when we reported the incident to the police and spoke on the phone with our credit card companies to report the lost. Still, we managed to enjoy the brief stay in the city of lights.

That is exactly what I mean. I want to just enjoy the trip to India for instance. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone, especially me. I want to be brave enough to feel the sunshine when the moonsoon comes down, I want to be peaceful in the middle of chaotic New Delhi. You get my drift.

I want to see and feel and remember what I felt when I was there. I want to capture the moment and seize the day.


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