Day 25 (30 days of June)

It was a busy weekend, both for me personally and the region in general. We had Gay Pride weekend in San Francisco, Nascar in Sonoma, and another festival in Berkeley/Oakland the name of which escaped my mind at the moment.

I knew about the Gay Pride parade and the festivities all weekend long and also the one in Sonoma. That's why even though I wanted to go to the Lavender Festival in Sonoma, I didn't. It would be traffic crazy right there. I was right. A friend and his folks got stuck in traffic on the way to wine tasting. They chose Sonoma instead of San Fran to explore (the parents are visiting the area) because they knew it would be a headache with traffic and parking in the city given the magnitude of Gay Pride weekend. They weren't aware of the Nascar at Infenion raceway though. Well....

On Saturday, I performed my weekly obligation to take mom out and drive here to where she wants to go. Tapsilog and halo-halo later, hubs and I were getting ready to watch a movie. I wanted to see Snow White and the Huntsman but I was over ruled. We watched what he liked - Prometheus. Sci-Fi. I know very little about this movie before I watched it. And I came out of the movie theater a bit disappointed. Why? I don't know why or what my expectations were, except that I knew something was missing.

Sunday was all day bbq at the reservoir - see pic from yesterday's post.

Today, I need to go to church meeting after work, then hopefully I still have the energy to do some laundry.


Andrea said…
So where do you get tapsilog and halo-halo there? Your reference to it amused me!
Kayni said…
I wish I could join you and your mom with your food trips :). I've just been busy with my shop. I am getting the travel fever again, but I can't go anywhere until October maybe...:(

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