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May Breakdown

What can I say about May?

Nothing really exciting happened in May. After an April that is full of traveling, May gave me back the sense of routine that I may not have craved, but my body had needed.

In May, we plunged back to normalcy, to the demands and stresses of work and church, to the joy of hanging out with friends over amazing bbq or rooting for the home team – that is the Golden State Warriors, who at the time of writing needs only 2 more wins to be the Champions of the NBA.

Our 10th wedding anniversary was May 25. Sometime last year I had envisioned that we would have a church wedding to commemorate the 10th year, but somehow lack of interest on my part due to incredible work necessary to get that done, not to mention the amount of money needed to put that in motion, the dream fizzled. Furthermore, the hubs has always wanted to do a church wedding when his family members can be in attendance. Having both parents pass away, we want the wedding to happen when his only siste…

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