Friday, September 4, 2015

Reasons Why I Don't Read

Oh my goodness, this blog is truly neglected. And I will show you why, in addition to why I no longer get to read fiction.

2015 09 05_canonps_3582

2015 09 05_canonps_3581

2015 09 05_canonps_3579

2015 09 05_canonps_3578

2015 09 05_canonps_3577

2015 09 05_canonps_3580

With the exception of the first image, all the images were printed from the internet. I was intrigued with the coloring fad but I didn't do anything about it. However, on a trip to Walmart, I found a coloring book that was within my price range. So I bought it and some color pencils. The first few designs I did were horrible. At least these ones I think are not so bad. My eye for artistic beauty seem to be lacking. I am continually second guessing my choices of color scheme.

But this is why I have been doing little else in my free time. Have you joined the coloring trend yet?