Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blond Moment or Senior Moment

Yesterday after a very very long day which was punctuated by my car breaking down just when I was in my street at the foot of the hill, about 7 small blocks from my driveway, I had some sort of a breakdown - or a senior or blond moment, you be the judge.

So when the tow truck came (I rang hubby first who happened to be home from work early) and told me and hubby that he believed that the reason why the car stopped running was that the battery was dead, which was what I suspected all along since we haven't replaced the battery since we bought it 6 years ago.

We told the young (was he even legit to drive yet?) tow truck driver to just bring the car home. When that was done, it was nearing 8 pm. Hubs and I sped to Costco to get the warehouse brand battery. Costco closes at 9 pm daily and they close the gate before that. We got to Costco about 8:30 and I was running, hubs went to park the car. When he got in and saw me admiring the tv selection, he questioned why I didn't have a cart with me. I ran outside to fetch a cart and the door is starting to be shut. I asked them to let me grab a cart first.

And so we managed to locate the aisle where the car batteries are located. Honestly I didn't see these before now. Selective memory? Husband suggested we do a little bit of shopping, but I was really exhausted and stressed both from hard day at work and the car's breakdown that I threw my brand of tantrum (nothing scandalous) and I reasoned out that I really need to see TOP CHEF and it starts at 9 pm. I am recording it, he said. But I didn't budge and so we hurriedly paid our purchase and was greeted at the door by the same employee who grinned at our purchase and smiled saying she understood now why the urgency in my step.

Anyway, we got home and I immediately turn the tv on Bravo and lo and behold some other show is going on. I went to fix dinner and still no TOP CHEF coming on. I checked SyFy and WAREHOUSE 13 is on. Since that is one of hubs fave shows, we watched that while changing back to Bravo during commercial breaks. NO Top Chef.

I was still fuming and suddenly I realized that Warehouse 13 is on the wrong day of the week. I ask my husband why Warehouse 13 is on a Wednesday. My moment came when hubby said it was Tuesday that's why Warehouse 13 was on and why Top Chef wasn't because the latter goes on Wednesdays. Boink! Senior Moment or Blond Moment? You be the judge.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Car Remains Unwashed

Another weekend passed by and the car remains dirty, filthy. Good thing it's not smelly :) I have been meaning to wash in months. But as each weekend arrives I find my list of to do filled with errands and gardening and laundry and church activities that carwash always end up in the "if there is time i'll do it" category. Many weeks passed and I still didn't have time.

Here's why I didn't have time to wash the car:
  1. Daily weekend date with mom. Lunch at her favorite Chinese restaurant. I've been at this restaurant many times and I can't remember it's name :) She had the seafood claypot and I had a lunch combo (garlic prawns), which ended up tasting like their other prawn dishes.
  2. After lunch with mom, we ran a ton of errands, ending in a stop at a local Pinoy restaurant, CABALEN, who's moving to a closer location this weekend. Hah! less driving for moi. As was the case every weekend, we came out of the restaurant with boxes of to-gos and some cassava cake and halo-halo. My connoisseur of a husband commented that CHOWKING's halo halo is far superior :)
  3. Got my FRY'S fix. We love this computer/electronics store/warehouse, even if we're just browsing. We were able to get a landscaping software that would be free after the mail in rebate is submitted. I used to like coming here because of their massage chairs. This week the chairs were nowhere in sight so I just lovingly touched and handled the Nikons and the Canons in display and I didn't care if the salesperson was looking at me funny!
  4. Gardening - weeding, sweeping, snipping dead rose blooms, etc etc until it was dark.
  5. The whole morning of Sunday is for church.
  6. A friend of ours who treats my husband their "good son" and I their good son's wife, had a hip replacement, her second, but she had some complication with the medication they gave her that affected her heart. Poor thing! So we visited her and although she was staying in a nonprivate room (sharing with two other people) she has the window view and what a view it was. She can see the Berkeley from her bed. It was a great view. I hope she gets better soon.
  7. We delivered pizza to #5's husband, who is also not in the pink of health. We visited with him and his only son who was staying with him while the mom is in the hospital.
  8. Almost missed the screening of THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. I love that movie. Well, I like it a lot. For one it's very entertaining. Another, it's always nice to see Nick Cage in a movie. I wonder when did I become a Nick Cage fan?
  9. Had dinner at a friend's house and after dinner she put on a Netflix WII movie which is very interesting. It's a Bollywood movie made in Miami. She and I share a love for Bollywood. I can't remember the title. But it's a funny movie. Unfortunately, it was 9 pm by the time we finished our chai and the movie is just getting into the good parts. I will watch this again in full.

So there wasn't really time to wash the car. How was your weekend?

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Like It

Let me begin by saying, I am an actor-centric movie goer, which means I choose what movies I watch according to who's in it and not what's it about. So it isn't any surprise that one of Netflix movies was REMEMBER ME which stars Robert (team Edward) Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin ( pregnant Claire on LOST).

I want to see Robert Pattinson in a movie where he's not a vampire and brooding. He's not a vampire in this movie, but he is brooding. Will he be typecast as a brooder?

Emilie is cute in this movie. There isn't much to say about it. It's a dramatic love story with some tragic elements, when Emilie's character's mother's was killed in a subway mugging where her character witnessed and at the end where it was implied that Robert's Tyler character died in the Twin Towers incident on 9/11.

The two of them together works for me. Their chemistry looks easy and believable as lovers.

This movie has a ROTTEN rating, I don't disagree with that. However, the movie spoke to me in a way that I liked the way the director told me the story.

I don't recommend this to anyone, but if you're curious about Robert Pattinson the way I was, go ahead and check him out in this film. Although you've been warned that there's very little differentiation between his characteristics here and as a vampire.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whatever Comes To Mind

Lately these are what's on my mind:
  • Sick and tired of this headache - go away, shoooo!
  • I need to occupy myself with something else to do other than blogging.
  • I really want to eat some sushi.
  • My cat Emma makes my life so wonderful. Didn't think a cat can do that.
  • More old friends coming out of the Facebook woodwork. Fun.
  • Wonder where my husband would take me for my birthday.
  • I'm bored.

There you are the things on my mind while I maneuver thru this 8-hour day. Have a wonderful Wednesday. It's almost weekend.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nothing Interesting, But Thought I'd Write Just The Same

We finally get some summer heat going. It's been in the 80s here for the past couple of days and we're told the heating continues until this weekend, then we'll resume to have our natural air conditioner in place. That is the fog around the bay for those who don't know.

Last year on our first summer on this house, we ate dinner outside, in the backyard because daylight was longer and it's refreshing to eat outside. This year, must be due to the cooler summer weather so far, we haven't had a single dinner outside. Hubs noticed that and blamed my tv viewing habit as the culprit. But I don't think so. Our outdoor furnitures are the hand-me-downs and they came with the house. They need scrubbing and maybe a fresh coat of paint. I've been thinking of getting a new set . Home Depot and OSH have been having good sets out for display, but they are still above my price range.

Anyway, our Cancun get-away was two weeks ago, can you believe that? It seemed much longer than the two weeks.

Cancun was fun in a way. It was the choice destination for us because all we needed was lounging on the beach or by the pool. And we did that and then some.

What I like about Cancun:
  • the beach and lagoon are so pretty
  • beachcombing is fantastic
  • the shopping is good
  • the people are very nice
  • no bum on the streets
  • the relaxed lifestyle

What I dislike about Cancun:

  • the suffocating combo of heat and humidity
  • shopping is expensive
  • didn't get a good "authentic Mexican" food
  • didn't rent a car - should next time around

Needless to say, we had fun in that short stay of 6 days 5 nights. I would love to go back someday too.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Half Recap

If there is one word that would describe the first half of 2010 in my personal world it would be STRESS(FUL).

I encountered stress at work when the changes in management and budget woes have put my job on the line - at least for a while. Well, no one is safe as far as we're concerned, even now.

Stress was present when I heard from my doctor that surgery was required. More stress when I had to undergo surgery and stay at home for a month recuperating. Thankfully, through prayers, all went well and with the least amount of pain and discomfort I could ever imagine.

Stress when I realized that the first half of the year was over and I still hadn't had a vacation when I so badly needed one. While we took a major holiday towards the end of last year, thereby dissipating our savings; I was hard pressed to find a bargain vacation deal that would require very little money. And so towards the end of the first half, I went on a holiday in tropical Cancun. I arrived there with a tropical depression. I was just glad it wasn't a hurricane that greeted me as I landed.

And our wedding anniversary get-away in May was an overnight trip to Monterey, well rainy Monterey. Funny how both my vacation get-aways were punctuated with rain.

That's how the first half rolled. Hoping that the second half is less stressful.

Monday, July 12, 2010

For My Friend

My friend just lost her mother last week. And I just got reunited with her through facebook. We (our other friends) just got reunited with her. I hope that through prayers she will be comforted in these tough times. I pray for her and her family.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



My name is Emma. I am 2 years old. I am happy that you are here to be with Grandma and me while Mama and Papa are away.

I love to eat. My food is in the plastic tub. Give me food once a day. Daily, please change the water on my feeder and dry food too. I prefer my water warm. I don’t care for cold water at all. Do not put too much food at one time. I would not be able to eat all of it. Just pour enough for a day. Dry food sack is in the garage.

I have treats too. I can bully you to give me treats, but my mama and papa are not happy when I do that to Grandma. However, it’s okay if you give me a few treats daily, just don’t overdo it or I will be fat and not healthy.

I go potty in the downstairs bathroom. That’s where my litter box is. Please do not close the door to that bathroom because I cannot reach the door knob and can’t open the door when I need to use it. If my litter box needs fresh litter, refill is in the garage.

I have a box of my toys and my comb. I like to be combed at least twice a day. I can play by myself too, but mama and papa play with me. It helps my well being when they do that.

I love to sunbathe in the bed. I often use the pillow too. I hope that’s okay with you. After all I am very clean and I smell good. Papa gave me a shower, yes a shower can you believe that, a couple of weeks ago.

And most of all, I DO NOT GO OUTSIDE. My mama and papa are very careful to keep me inside. If I get out of the house, I would run away and would not know how to come back. Please make sure that all doors leading to the outside are closed all the time.

Thank you very much for taking care of me.

This is the letter of instructions we left for my niece and nephew who helped stay with my mother while my husband and I were away on our vacation last week.

Arrived to find Emma wasn't too pissed that we left her alone, but she did not leave my side the rest of the long weekend. I think that she got her way when we were away that she expected me to feed her tuna every time she wants to eat.

We had a wonderful time in Cancun. Will blog about that later.