Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Got So Excited

I lost my mind at Michael’s yesterday. Ok let me back up!

I am preparing for a chocolate creation for the annual fundraiser that our church hosts in connection with the local high school’s art and music program. Every year, members of the church make something chocalatey for participants to sample. The fundraiser billed CHOCOLATE EXTRAVANZA is a chocolate buffet. I have always made truffles. I believe this would be the 5th year of the fundraiser and I am the reigning people’s choice champion in the truffle division (cake, cookie and bark are the other divisions). Because of this, there is more pressure for me to up my game with my chocolate creation.

Last week, I tested my recipe. While it was good, my friend who barely eats anything had three of my “truffles” and she said they were good. I knew they were good, but I felt they lacked some oomph in them. Consulting my husband on the recipe we decided to switch it from all chocolate flavor to lemon flavor (my winning truffle last year was a green tea truffle).

Shopping for ingredients was slated yesterday. Hubs called me at work to make arrangement to meet at Grocery Outlet after work. I came early and texted him that I would be gawking at all the beautiful things at Michael’s which is next door to the grocery store.

I picked up a set of coloring pencils (my first set needs replacement after I’ve colored so many mandalas and zentangles). On a whim I made a beeline to the food decorating section……………… and Oh Em Gee!!!!!!

Who knew there are all these utensils and devices to make chocolate creations easy breezy. The husband went straight to Michael’s and I showed him what he needed to make his creation. We bought a mold. And I had to contain myself from hyperventilating. I was so excited and I am already looking forward to making edibles for Christmas gift giving. I love you Michael’s.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hello June!

No kidding, it is June. Yeah, before you take another breath, 2016 is outta here it seems.

When was the last time I was here on this blog? I cannot even remember as I type this post. I am drafting this while I have no access to the blog.

I want to share that I finally got to see an NBA game live in person when the hubs snagged a last minute tickets on the second game of the round one elimination round featuring the Houston Rockets vs the GS Warriors. I was at work when the hubs announced that we would be going to the game that night. As it turned out, a friend of ours were joining us too. What a fun night. The Warriors won naturally, although they did without their star MVP Steph Curry who was out on injury. I cannot believe the atmosphere at Oracle. Indeed it truly becomes a Roaracle with all the fans yelling and roaring at the top of their lungs, us included. Hubs lost his voice – a badge he carried proudly. Ticket prices were not as unreachable as we thought. Nowadays, we just have viewing parties at home.

What else? Oh I got my eyebrows done. Is that even news? It is for me. My eyebrows get groomed so rarely that when they do it is news. I do like the way the lady shaped my brows this time. So far this is the best eyebrow job I have done. I will go back to her next time, and hopefully not before I get a bush where eyebrows should be again.

Tomorrow I am going to participate in a walk/fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer. I don’t know if you remember, my niece lost her battle to this dreadful disease last year and friends and family formed a team in her honor. This would be the first time the hubs and I are joining the family.

Also occupying my time is preparing for the church’s annual fundraiser, the Chocolate Extravaganza. This fundraiser has been mentioned here every year and if you will recall my entry GREEN TEA TRUFFLE won first place for truffle division peoples’ choice award. Having said that, the pressure will surely be on me this year. I cannot NOT do well in this division. I have already tried out my cake pops recipe and found out that I had to tweak the measurements a bit. I am hopeful that my entry this year will be received by tasters favorably again. I know one little boy that will keep an eye on my entry knowing that last year I won the whole thing.

Another thing, we took my nephew (ok great nephew) to the movies to see Jungle Book a few days ago. He is 6 years old and seemed okay to go without his folks. I am after all his aunt. We got him large popcorn and Vitamin water (no soda). We got there early and he ate his popcorn and drank his water and watched the previews. The minute the movie started, he had to go potty!

When I dropped him off, his mom asked how many time little A asked to go potty? OMG, apparently, he goes multiple times in the course of the movie. The trick here is the hubs took away his water when they came back from the bathroom so he didn’t drink anything at all during the movie. Wise move, hubs, veteran move.

That’s all folks!