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2014: A Breakdown

Thank You 2014

Here We Go Again

4th of December

Three Weeks Later

I'm back!

What's in the water?

Postcards anyone?

Can I show you some pictures?

August 24


I was thinking about curve balls and other things......

6-month Review


I was going to post this on Monday, but I got lazy.

Some random updates

I love to watch them sleep.

One month later.....

If it's not blooming, it's budding!

Last Day of March, First Day of Baseball Season

Of Corned Beef and Cabbage and WTH.....

First Time....x2


One more thing

Talking to Myself

Winter, Olympics, AI and other projects

Happy Heart's Day

Some of my favorite.....

9 Days Later

Back from Vegas

Eating With Friends

A week later

Also Starting The Year With Some Headache

Starting the new year with some curries.