4th of December

Today is my father's death anniversary.

He's been gone a long time.

Nope. Correct that.

He's been gone a very long long time.

Three decades.

I asked myself, surprised.

How did we manage to go on without him?

It makes me sad to think that he didn't enjoy his life.

When he was alive he spent most of his life working. And he was not earning a living sitting in a cubicle tapping on some keyboard. Nope. He was doing manual labor. He was a driver, a vendor and did many small jobs. It was a tough life.

He persevered. Did not even enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Makes me really sad each time I think about that.

Rest in peace Dad.


madretz said…
It's still always hard to face the death of a parent, no matter how much time passes. Especially close to the holidays. You're in my thoughts.

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