Friday, October 30, 2009

Mixed Bag of Emotions

  • I am sad about this.
  • I am frustrated about this.
  • I am fuming about this.
  • I am happy thinking about this.

You probably guess where all these emotions are coming from right? Yeah, it's that time of the month again :-D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Bridge is Closed

The bridge is closed, an emergency closure yesterday. And today's morning commute was hell. It's a miracle that I got to work just a few minutes after my shift started.

I am lucky in a way. I don't get to drive over any bridges to get to work. I may have the headache and stress related to the jams on this very busy Eastshore freeway, but going over one is adding half an hour to one's commute.

I thought with the bridge closure and the all the local networks invoking the use of public transport or other alternative routes that the Eastshore freeway was going to be a little lighter than normal. But NO! It was heavier than normal with majority of the commuting public making the decision to drive and take an alternative bridge - the San Mateo Bridge - which means that the commuters were driving my route. Yuck.

I knew someone who has phobia of bridges, I mean crossing one. When she worked in the city, she took the train. The train didn't cross the bridge, but went under the bay through a tunnel. Call me crazy, but going under was scarier than going over for me. Well to each his own.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Goal of the Week

Today is Monday and I'll try to limit my coffee consumption for this week. I say coffee, not caffeine :) One at a time, people, one at a time.

Hope we all have a great work week.

Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF because I'm in a rut.

Glad to see this week end because I am in a rut. This week I have drank way too much coffee, slept way too little. Feeling so blah, disinterested, depressed and craving chocolates all week. I don't crave sweet other than that special time of the month. And it's not that time of the month. Not for another 2.5 weeks yet.

And I've been hooked on reading this blogger's journal. It feels like a novel to me. I stumbled upon the blog late last year I believe and I wondered how "they" met. So I went back and read all the posts in the archives - that's four years of posts!!!. Pathetic, I need a life!!!!

Anyway, finally I think I just came upon the post where the beginning of the friendship was mentioned.

And I am more depressed.

And the sad part is I have no clue why.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jumbled Musings

Look at the calendar and you'll see that the month of October is nearly over and that the Holidays will be here before we know it. Am I ready for the Holidays? NO. Did I start shopping, planning the menu? NO. Can I skip the holidays this year? I wish.

Chatting with my friend on facebook last night left me worried. I thought I sensed something amiss with her. It's not much what she said, but what I felt she didn't say. I raised this concern to hubs last night while I was in the middle of chatting and he advised I pick up the phone and ring her. I was afraid I was jumping the gun and I was too nosey if I did that. I should just talk to her later again and see if she's okay.

The rains we have been having make me happy. I love the rain. I only wish I have a day off so I could curl up in bed with one of the novels I have yet to open. I look out of the window it's very gloomy and I cant tell from my vantage point but I wouldn't be surprised at all if its drizzling outside.

Persimmons are in season again and that makes me happy too. I love them. I'm glad I went picking persimmon over at a friend's house yesterday. I picked way too much and I'm afraid I would get tired of eating them.

Interesting happening over at Seattle Grace. They fired Izzie Stevens. Does that mean the actress is out of the show? I don't know the answer because my computer time has been limited.

Last week we had some strange weather. I thought it felt like earthquake weather. I didn't raise my concern, but when I was chatting with a dear friend and she mentioned noticing that the weather last week felt like earthquake weather, well she verbalized my fear. No earthquakes please.

Well, that's all folks. Nothing is happening where I am except people are getting sick with flu and colds. We've been having extreme weather changes here. One minute it's gloomy and cloudy and rainy like today and the next day it's hot and humid. Yeah we had some humidity here. It's really weird to experience some humidity after being used to dry air.

Oh and before I forget our family had welcomed a little boy this October, but I only saw him this weekend because I had to get over my colds before seeing him. He is too cute and very chinky. Alex, welcome to the world and welcome to the madhouse. We love you!

Now can it be any more jumbled than that?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Diary

It was jazz an ordinary day.
The skies were clear, the birds were chipping. Angganda-ganda ng araw! Nasa SM ako noon at katatapos ko lang mamili nggroceries. Timing naman nasafoodcore si Angel Locsin, nagpro-provoke ng movie nya.Grabe, andaming fans,pull-packed talaga! Dahil fans nya rin ako, nakipilana rin ako.

Then suddenly, out of the loo, may bumulong sa akin ng: 'Indaaayyyyy. ..'
Huh? It sounded like a familiar sound. Who can it be now? 'Dodong!' sigaw ko.
Napalakas yata voice ko. Kasi the other fans turned their backs to theirbehind at napatingin sa amin. Sabi ko 'Sorry, I didn'tmean to be loud andproud.' Hinawakan na lang ni Dodong ang kamay ko atlumayo kami from the crowd.

'Kamusta na Inday? Do you come here open?' tanong nya. 'Bihira lang, Dodong. I'm just droppings by. Ethnicang schedule ko eh' sabiko. Memories came flushing in my mind. How can I forget toremember Dodong? Siya na may mata ni Piolo, dimple ni Aga, at bigote ni Rex Cortez. He's everywoman's dreamboat. I was just starting my tour of dutykay ate noon nangunang makilala ko si Dodong. Contraction worker siyasa ginagawang bahay satapat namin. Naging kami for a while then after thatwere not an itemanymore.

'Tanghali na Inday. What did you say we have lunchtogether?' tanong niDodong.
'I don't mine' sagot ko. Sa restaurant, nilapitan kaagad kami ng waiter.'What's your odor sir?' sabinung waiter kay Dodong. 'Do you have porkshop?' tanong ni Dodong. 'Yes sir' sabi nito. 'Our porkshop with a resistanceto the teeth of boastof our chef. Domestic careful selection of pork withlittle fat of femaleliking is used. The exquisite cooking which repeatedtrial and error and wascompleted. It also has healthy vegetables with saladfeeling fully' dagdagpa niya.

'And you mam?' sabay tingin naman sa akin. Hmmm..mukhang masarap yung porkshop. Pero I'm cuttingdown on my carbon kayapinigilan ko. 'I'll just have water, thanks. Liquidate diet ako eh.'sagot ko.

Pagkatapos kumain, nagyaya si Dodong manood ng sine.Teka teka, this isgoing too far. Besides, it's a long, long, way to run. 'Reality chess, Dodong. May asawa na ako, si Jay. As amother of fact, I'mhappily married' pagmamalaki ko. 'Di na pwede yung tulad ng dati. Sorry pero I didn'texpect you still havemore feelings than I expected. I don't want yougetting the way. Past isfast. Therefore, cause and defect.' dagdag ko pa.

Tumahimik sya. Parang may language barrel na namagitansa amin. The secondsthat passed seemed like fraternity. Di nagla-on,nagsalita na rin sya. 'I don't care less!' sigaw ni Dodong.
Shocks, give me a brake! The nerd ng taong ito parasigawan ako! To thinkit's his other woman that caused our separation to part.

Kinabahan na ako. I felt speedbumps all over my bodyand was having panicattach. Tinalikuran ko siya at nagmadali akong lumakadpalayo. Pero sumunodpa rin siya like a monkey on my butt. Hanggang samakakita ako ng securityguard. Biglang nawala si Dodong.

'Excuse me kuya, pwedeng magtanong?' sabi ko sa mamangguard. 'Of course miss, I can help you with my pleasure.'sagot niya. 'Saan po ba ang exit? Could you point me to the righterection? I got lostin my eyes.' 'Diretso lang.'sabi niya. 'Then turn right anytimewith care.'
'Thanks for your corporation' sabi ko.

Buti na lang nandun si kuya. Pero saglit lang, I smellsomething peachy. AsI turned, nakita ko na namang nakasunod si Dodong!Delaying static lang palakanina ang pag-disappear nya.
'Nyahahaha! You can run but you can hide, Inday. Nomatter where you go,there you are!' pananakot nya.

Oh no, is this the end? This is too much, I feel degradable. My world started falling afar.
Then suddenly, Jay come from behind! Dodong was caughtto the act! In the matter of minute, it's all over. I'm out of arm's way.

'Thanks Jay, my love. But how did you.?' bago pa manako matapos, sabi niya:
'I was in the neighborhood. Fans din ako ni Angel eh.I heard you shout butat first I didn't give it a thought. Pero nang makitako kayong magkahawakng holding hands, then I give it a thought. I know something is a missed.'

From then on, Dodong did not brother me again. Infact, he didn't evensister me. As in platonic at wala na talaga.

Pero kami ni Jay, heto, shoot sailing pa rin angrelationship. Lalo pangayon, open na kami sa isa't-isa at walang exhibitions. I feel I'm on cloudline.

~~ Hope this page from the diary brought a little smile on your face.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Can Taste The Difference

Over the weekend, Starbucks introduced its new product, an instant coffee called Via. According to the ads they circulated over the tv, YOU cannot tell the difference between this instant brew and their house brew. They invited people to come to the stores and take the challenge. If you could tell the difference you would get a coupon for a tall house blend on your next visit.

So hubs and I went last Saturday. We were able to sneak it in between running errands because it was near the grocery store that we patronized. So we marched up to the counter and ordered our regular blend brew and we were asked if we would like to take the challenge. Of course we said.

And guess what? I guessed which one was the instant brew. Sadly hubs didn't guess correctly. In his defense, he hasn't had any instant coffee experience prior to the tasting. But I knew the minute the hot, and I mean HOT coffee landed at the tip of my tongue that it was an instant coffee. It tasted like the coffee that my mother loves. I really don't know which brand of instant coffee it tasted like, but I knew it was instant right away.

So I guess, I'm a coffee connoisseur!