The Bridge is Closed

The bridge is closed, an emergency closure yesterday. And today's morning commute was hell. It's a miracle that I got to work just a few minutes after my shift started.

I am lucky in a way. I don't get to drive over any bridges to get to work. I may have the headache and stress related to the jams on this very busy Eastshore freeway, but going over one is adding half an hour to one's commute.

I thought with the bridge closure and the all the local networks invoking the use of public transport or other alternative routes that the Eastshore freeway was going to be a little lighter than normal. But NO! It was heavier than normal with majority of the commuting public making the decision to drive and take an alternative bridge - the San Mateo Bridge - which means that the commuters were driving my route. Yuck.

I knew someone who has phobia of bridges, I mean crossing one. When she worked in the city, she took the train. The train didn't cross the bridge, but went under the bay through a tunnel. Call me crazy, but going under was scarier than going over for me. Well to each his own.


Namnet said…
When I was going to England for the first time, we went through the Channel Tunnel. And it was the weirdest 25 minutes of my life. Knowing that above me there are tons of soil and even more tons of water... terrible.
So I would definitely choose the bridge than the tunnel, if I had a choice.

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