TGIF because I'm in a rut.

Glad to see this week end because I am in a rut. This week I have drank way too much coffee, slept way too little. Feeling so blah, disinterested, depressed and craving chocolates all week. I don't crave sweet other than that special time of the month. And it's not that time of the month. Not for another 2.5 weeks yet.

And I've been hooked on reading this blogger's journal. It feels like a novel to me. I stumbled upon the blog late last year I believe and I wondered how "they" met. So I went back and read all the posts in the archives - that's four years of posts!!!. Pathetic, I need a life!!!!

Anyway, finally I think I just came upon the post where the beginning of the friendship was mentioned.

And I am more depressed.

And the sad part is I have no clue why.


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