Thursday, February 24, 2011

Street Photography # 6


I almost forgot that I had a series going on Street Photography. This one comes from Barcelona.

Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here's What's Coming Up

Brace yourself for the pretty....




Sign of Spring
Have I whetted you appetite for spring photoshoots?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Pursuit of Perfection and Other Weird Things

Be forewarned this is a PMS-induced post. Having blurted out the situation I am in, it is no wonder to you gals that food is in my mind today. And I thought I'd write about something I wanted to eat.

I am in search of the perfect:

HAMBURGER: I am not much of a burger person, but I get my usual 10-12 burgers a year allotment. However, I have yet to be mesmerized by the PERFECT burger. I have tried the burger joints or fastfood places and so far the one I like is In-n-Out burger. I even tried different hole-in-the-wall, but nope I have never met the perfect burger for me yet. Any help?

CUPCAKE: The trend of cupcake cuisine has given rise to my curiousity. Often ignored, I now am in search of the one cupcake to end all cupcake searches. So far there is this local bakery that makes and specializes in Red Velvet cake/cupcake and their cake and cupcake is the one that is on top of my list right now.

SPAGHETTI: A lost cause if you ask my husband. First, he said my Filipino palate could not handle the authentic Italian spaghetti. Second, I often skip this dish when I'm in a restaurant because they often charge a ridiculous price for a bowl of spaghetti. I always think I can make spaghetti at home for 1/8 of the price. If we are talking of the Filipino version, I love the one at Jollibee.

CHEESECAKE: Traditional or flavored. The problem with cheesecake is that I like it so much that even crappy ones in the cafeteria can give me a bit of satisfaction. I am leaning towards flavored variety when it comes to cheesecake. I like anything with chocolate marbleing in it too. Any suggestions?

Let me know if you have any ideas about the above mentioned items.

Now on to the weird things............

Today is February 17. I looked at the calendar and the date jumped out at me. It's like this date meant something. I cannot remember any significance, however. I wracked my brain trying to recall any birthdays or anniversaries, or any kind of event, but nothing.

Do you dream about things that make no sense at all? Do you remember your dreams months after they occur?

Okay, a few months ago I had a dream. Inside a house, a vacation house. I was getting the family into the car, the vacation is ending and we have a long drive home to California. The vacation house - in the dream we owned it - was in Colorado. Telluride, Colorado. I have not seen any images of this city, but I heard of its name before. It makes no sense at all. But the whole dream sequence is still very vivid, a testament to that is this post I am writing months after the dream. Makes no sense at all. But I'm intrigued at my ownership of a vacation house :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to Buster's Corner

IMG_4876My name is Buster. My mom is busy with work and her hands are full with church stuff. She's about to cry, so I volunteered to write a post to this blog.

Well what can I blog about?

I love to eat - just about everything. At dinner time, I lean on my dad's legs and stretch myself to see what they are eating. My parents find this funny. Oftentimes, this action results in a piece of meat. Oh I love human food. I just don't like it when they have Mexican food. This cat doesn't like meat with Mexican seasoning. Yuck. My big sister Emma also turns up her nose at any offerings of Mexican food.

I live in this household for almost 4 months now. Dad picked me out in the shelter. I was merely 5 months old then. Mom was with dad at that time, but she was busy ooohing and aahing at the cute little 2-week olds. Dad said the little kittens were way too young to be adopted by them. He said they would be too much to handle. So he picked me.

When they brought me home a few days later - I had to get all the necessary stuff like neutering and getting microchipped before I could go home with them - I was a bit spooked. They had this carrying container and I somehow managed to get Mom to let me loose inside the car. It was dark and I was spooked at the lights on the road. I have never seen a road before.

Mom was happy to bring me home. My grandma wasn't. The least happy in the household was my sister Emma. Dad was complaining that Emma was acting too spoiled and too baby-baby (his word) for her age. So they brought me in to complete their family. Emma wasn't pleased at all. It took Mom a lot of coaxing and long sessions of combing to get Emma to settle a bit.

IMG_6009(Me and my sister Emma playing on the bed while Dad is sleeping. Mom thought this was hilarious, while Dad woke up grumpy)

Later on we got along. Infront of the parents, we act indifferent and barely could tolerate each other. But when they go to work, we have the whole house and the whole bed to ourselves and we share harmoniously.

I overheard Mom ask Dad if I will be as comforting and as affectionate to her as my sister Emma. Dad said that maybe not since I am a boy and boys are not like that, unless you're in GLEE or something.

Anyway, I give Mom a bit of enjoyment. I sit next to her motionless - and believe me that is a hard task. I have tons of energy that needs to be used. Mom and Dad make me use up that energy with the laser light work out. Oh boy I go gaga (babagtit - their word) over this exercise/play activity.

I think I may have shared too much. I will be seeing you all later, when Mom cannot find time to post here, I will be doing it.

Tata - it's naptime.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How Are You?

How are you dear blog? 

I knew I was away longer than I expected, nor wanted.

But work is eating much of my free time.  And whatever is left at the end of the day, your sisters my two other blogs have split that up between themselves.

Plus, the much-needed vacation from last year actually happened a week ago.

So I'm here dropping by with a hi and hello and nothing else to say.  I will make a point to pencil you in for a little lunch some other time where I'll tell you ALL about what I saw and ate and did in Mexico.

In the meantime, I've got to split.  My work load is still neck high and a week after my vacation, I'm still playing catch up.  I'll play catch up with you too.