Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ready To Give Up This 2-month's Routine

Yes, I am dying to give up this routine that I have seen myself in for a two months now since we got the house. It starts with waking up @ 8 am every day, must be on the road to work between 9:30 and 9:45. Be back @ home by 7:30 pm. By 8 pm, we would be going to the new house, fixing it, cleaning it, doing some minor repairs. And be back home to our rental before 11 pm. It's a loooong day. No wonder I feel tired. And achy. And grumpy.

But the moment I see the fruits of our labor, I just smile. The minute we put the furnitures in and I was able to sit and just look at the high wall in our living room that is painted a bold brick red and also comes under CRISP AUTUMN LEAVES (Glidden paint), I just smile. And for a moment my aches go away.

Two more days and we'll be living in this house. Just two more days. But the work is not done. I think that's how it is. One continuously keep fixing, especially if the house you bought has a little age on it. But I am happy. The house is airy, has high ceilings, lots of windows allowing for plenty of natural light to come through and since the bay is just a ways, it's a bit cooler and breezier especially in the afternoon to early evening hours.

And since I have mentioned furniture, that reminded me I still need a sofa for the family room. I have said no to hubby's desire to get a futon. My friend has supported me on this. Now though we have to find a sofa that would fit our budget. And sofas get too expensive.

That's what's been happening to me since the last post. Nothing exciting. Just lots and lots of working, tiling, grouting, sealing grout, installing toilet fixture. And many many more little chores to come.

BTW in the midst of all the move, I have some commitment with the church that needed to be fulfilled on Saturday am, which is our move date. Then on Sunday, we have a baby shower to go to. Well, we can mix work and play on the weekend, I guess.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dreaming of Harry

I awoke one morning this week from what seemed like a restless sleep brought about by a Harry Potter dream. It felt like the whole time I was sleeping, I was seeing HP images on slideshow, scenes passing through my brain and I was wide-eyed watching it all night long. Nothing in particular registered to me after I woke up. But I knew I dreamed of Harry.

Okay, so my point is I have been itching to see the movie. Not read any of the books. Will do someday. Never missed any of the first five movies; the first remains my very favorite. While I am so keen on seeing the movie, between my full-time work schedule and the never-ending tasks associated with moving to a new house, the earliest window of opportunity to see it is in two weeks' time. Which can be good and bad at the same time. Good because the crowd in the cinemas had thinned out by then, which would make the movie-going experience more pleasurable. Bad because those people who have seen it on its first day - let alone on its first hours - are also bloggers. And they blog right and left confusing me. Regardless of a few disappointed fans who thought the movie adaptation did not stay true to the plot - I trust they know what they're talking about as I would never know not having read any book - I would still go see it. Because I want to. Because I looked forward to seeing it. Because I got pissed when the showing date was pushed back.

However, I question whether I would be looking out for these misrepresentations and/or omissions that these bloggers pointed out in their thesis-like dissertation of the movie. Will my enjoyment be lessened?

Why oh why do I read bloggers' movie reviews?

Do reviews (by professionals and/or by amateurs or bloggers) affect your opionion of a movie or a restaurant, or a hotel?

By experience I could say, I never really paid that much attention to what the professionals say. Let's see if I truly enjoy this movie.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Another date down the drain. Again, our carpet did not arrive on expected date. One more week we were told before the carpet is to leave the factory, then maybe another two days to get to our local Home Depot and another what 2 days before installation? This is getting really really frustrating. On the bright side, the delay had given us extra time to pack. Because all our time and attention were focused on making the "new house" habitable, we have until now not packed our personal clothes and belongings. Mother's potted plants have all moved last Saturday, courtesy of Brother #2 and family.

In search of a great deal on sofa/couch for our family room, we braved the 104 dry heat temperature inland to visit the furniture store where we got all our furnitures. They advertised for great deals. Unfortunately, the deals they trumpeted all over the newspapers are not good enough for us. Instead, we managed to snag a 5 x 8 rug (going under our living room sofa set) for under 100 bucks next door to the furniture store. So the quest for a sofa continues.

Still to be completed are the bathroom floors, all three. We have enough tiles left over from both jobs (entryway and kitchen) to cover the bathroom floors. Over the weekend, we managed to sand and spray paint cabinets from bathrooms and the brick fireplace is now in antique white, same as our kitchen cabinets.

A bit of good news I received over the weekend. My nephew is finally going to college after his stint with the Navy. I am simply excited for him. He is finally going to major in the area of study he's been interested since he was a child. Good luck!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Nope, we haven't moved in the new house yet. But each night after work we still go there and fix little stuff that we can handle. It's only two days before the carpet is going to be available. Then I am giving it another 2 days for the installation. Oh I can't wait to move. I can't wait. Patience.

So after we got back from putting in liners on the cabinet drawers, we watched Twilight on DVD courtesy of Netflix. Have not read the book, but have been aware of all the hullabaloo that the book and the movie received/created when they came out.

I thought I wouldn't be too interested in it. That was why we didn't rush to see it on the big screen and opted to wait for the dvd release instead. But I guess despite the young age of the protagonists, I loved the movie. I love fantasy novels. I love fantasy stories/movies. And most of all I am a sucker for love story, especially since this one looks like it's going to have a happy ending (at the end of the series?).

I've always loved the Bella actress, Kirsten something. I've seen her in other films and I loved her looks. I can't wait to see this again. Yes, I know I wanted to see it one more time. It looks like I have to buy the dvd.

Weather-wise we're still in the upper 70s I think. Oh I'm loving the temps.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's a 100 degrees today. Wow! First time this summer I think. I'm afraid to go out. Tomorrow, our forecast calls for a "cool" 77. Now that's more like it.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Last night I thought about ringing my friend E whose MIL passed away last month. I have been told of the sad news and was given her new number, but it wasn't until last night that I had the time to call. It was difficult to think of other things while doing all the renovations to the house.

It was a spur of the moment decision. Five minutes before ringing her I had no clue I was going to do that. I was opening my email when I remembered that our other friend D who was the bearer of the sad news and the giver of the phone number had urged me last month to give E a call. And so I opened the email containing the phone number and gave E a call.

And what a wonderful decision that was. Not only was I able to speak to her, another girlfriend of ours J was there visiting her. I got to chat with two of my girlfriends for the price of one phone call.

I miss talking to them. I miss having girlfriends to talk to. We talked like we were back in the good old days. They kept on asking me to come home for a visit. Both of them had double-teamed me about the visit. A visit would require major planning, of course. But I am so tempted to say yes. Except that I am in the process of moving, which means no OTHER major expense in the next year or so for me. And visiting the Philippines is considered a major expense. A thousand dollars alone for the plane fare, for one. And what about the husband? There goes 2 grand in plane fare. Anyway, if there is a will there will be a way, isn't it? I shall see. I did not make any promises; although I promised myself I would pick up the phone more often. I can't remember the last time I spoke with E (or J). Must have been at least 5 years.

It's just amazing how our core group of friends have remained connected all through the years. Of course E had been the glue that kept the group together all these years. As long as you check in with E, the entire group knows about it. I was telling my hubs last night after I hung up that it wouldn't take a few minutes before everyone in my circle know sthat they just heard from me.

I've been dreaming of getting together with them, especially after they email me photos of mini reunions, our high school's grand reunion, or their dinner. I am not the only one here in Cali. There's like four of us from that class that call this state home, but we don't get together at all. It's of course more difficult to get together here. The logistics are harder to manage here than in the Philippines. But last year, my bff and I finally met after 16 years to celebrate our high school English teacher's b/day. Coincidentally, she lives around here too. I have to make a mental note to get together with them again.

I simply had to blog about this, for my record keeping. And also to remind me how happy I was hearing my friends voice. J was still J, bubbly, innocent, organic. E still the same old E, accepting, reliable, leader. I miss my friends.

Monday, July 6, 2009


The days were long and tiring that I didn't really had the energy to do anything, including blogging, after working at the house. So today I will continue my documentation of our home renovation project.

Fifth Day:

Brother and SIL returned for a second day of painting. What a relief to have extra pairs of hands to do that. They took care of all the upstairs painting. Well I did the closets and the finished up the master's bedroom and hubs did the upper hallway walls.

I also spray painted the cabinet doors under the sun. And today we have the granite guy who came to cut, polish, and install my granite countertops.

Again, SIL brought some delicious food for lunch. We ate at one of the bedrooms on the carpet, much like picnicking outside. It was a good day with lots of things done, but also a very tiring one.

Sixth Day:

They started to install the laminate floors today, husband had helped from Jesus. It seemed like Jesus had plenty of knowledge in installing floors and the work proceeded well and quickly. I did some touch ups on the cabinets that were spray painted yesterday. Brother and SIL didn't come today.

Around 4 pm, bad news happened. Our granite guy broke our granite slab. He had to get another slab on his own money to replace the one he broke. Lucky for him, we chose a cheap slab. So, instead of our countertop getting finished today, it would have to wait another day. Oh, the kitchen floor has been prepped. We just now need to wait for the appliances to be delivered before tiling.

Seventh Day:

Hubs came early to the site/house while I run errands with mom. I came after lunch and did some odd jobs, like helping hubs finish the flooring. Our granite countertop got installed today. Yahoo!

Eighth Day:

Happy Fourth of July. Hubs and I did some appliances shopping today and we got what we believed is the best deal we could for four types of appliances. We did a little bit of stuff around the house too.

Ninth Day:

Today is Sunday and taking it easy was the call of the day. We came to the house late. I drove mom to her errand then she went with me to the house. Hubs was already there. Mom watered her beloved plants. Then hubs and I tried to finish installing laminate floor on our master's bedroom walk-in closet.

At 7 pm, we caught TRANSFORMERS. What a looong movie that is. The fight scene at the beginning was laboriously long. It could have been better if some of those scenes were edited. Overall, I found the movie much better than the original, funnier too.

Now I am back to work and will only do some work after office hours. I also need to pick out the tiles for the entry way. I initially wanted some granite tiles (I still may get them), but now I have changed my mind.