Another date down the drain. Again, our carpet did not arrive on expected date. One more week we were told before the carpet is to leave the factory, then maybe another two days to get to our local Home Depot and another what 2 days before installation? This is getting really really frustrating. On the bright side, the delay had given us extra time to pack. Because all our time and attention were focused on making the "new house" habitable, we have until now not packed our personal clothes and belongings. Mother's potted plants have all moved last Saturday, courtesy of Brother #2 and family.

In search of a great deal on sofa/couch for our family room, we braved the 104 dry heat temperature inland to visit the furniture store where we got all our furnitures. They advertised for great deals. Unfortunately, the deals they trumpeted all over the newspapers are not good enough for us. Instead, we managed to snag a 5 x 8 rug (going under our living room sofa set) for under 100 bucks next door to the furniture store. So the quest for a sofa continues.

Still to be completed are the bathroom floors, all three. We have enough tiles left over from both jobs (entryway and kitchen) to cover the bathroom floors. Over the weekend, we managed to sand and spray paint cabinets from bathrooms and the brick fireplace is now in antique white, same as our kitchen cabinets.

A bit of good news I received over the weekend. My nephew is finally going to college after his stint with the Navy. I am simply excited for him. He is finally going to major in the area of study he's been interested since he was a child. Good luck!


Henry said…
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