Last night I thought about ringing my friend E whose MIL passed away last month. I have been told of the sad news and was given her new number, but it wasn't until last night that I had the time to call. It was difficult to think of other things while doing all the renovations to the house.

It was a spur of the moment decision. Five minutes before ringing her I had no clue I was going to do that. I was opening my email when I remembered that our other friend D who was the bearer of the sad news and the giver of the phone number had urged me last month to give E a call. And so I opened the email containing the phone number and gave E a call.

And what a wonderful decision that was. Not only was I able to speak to her, another girlfriend of ours J was there visiting her. I got to chat with two of my girlfriends for the price of one phone call.

I miss talking to them. I miss having girlfriends to talk to. We talked like we were back in the good old days. They kept on asking me to come home for a visit. Both of them had double-teamed me about the visit. A visit would require major planning, of course. But I am so tempted to say yes. Except that I am in the process of moving, which means no OTHER major expense in the next year or so for me. And visiting the Philippines is considered a major expense. A thousand dollars alone for the plane fare, for one. And what about the husband? There goes 2 grand in plane fare. Anyway, if there is a will there will be a way, isn't it? I shall see. I did not make any promises; although I promised myself I would pick up the phone more often. I can't remember the last time I spoke with E (or J). Must have been at least 5 years.

It's just amazing how our core group of friends have remained connected all through the years. Of course E had been the glue that kept the group together all these years. As long as you check in with E, the entire group knows about it. I was telling my hubs last night after I hung up that it wouldn't take a few minutes before everyone in my circle know sthat they just heard from me.

I've been dreaming of getting together with them, especially after they email me photos of mini reunions, our high school's grand reunion, or their dinner. I am not the only one here in Cali. There's like four of us from that class that call this state home, but we don't get together at all. It's of course more difficult to get together here. The logistics are harder to manage here than in the Philippines. But last year, my bff and I finally met after 16 years to celebrate our high school English teacher's b/day. Coincidentally, she lives around here too. I have to make a mental note to get together with them again.

I simply had to blog about this, for my record keeping. And also to remind me how happy I was hearing my friends voice. J was still J, bubbly, innocent, organic. E still the same old E, accepting, reliable, leader. I miss my friends.


Bonnie Bonsai said…
Dear oh dear! What a small world! All the time, I've been wondering whether you are a woman or a man, so noticeably some of my comments are put on hold I mean reservation incase I'll make a mistake. lol.

You made mention about the Philippines, I haven't home since I arrived here. Hopefully, hopefully, time will tell, I'll be able to visit the homeland.

The mention of high school reunion made me feel so homesick. I just missed which was held last May 24. Our Vale however sent me some photos and how amusing to see friends and classmates looking just like me: OLD.

I can't keep a journal, so I come here to blog whatever comes to my mind too!

Happy weekend to you!

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