Dreaming of Harry

I awoke one morning this week from what seemed like a restless sleep brought about by a Harry Potter dream. It felt like the whole time I was sleeping, I was seeing HP images on slideshow, scenes passing through my brain and I was wide-eyed watching it all night long. Nothing in particular registered to me after I woke up. But I knew I dreamed of Harry.

Okay, so my point is I have been itching to see the movie. Not read any of the books. Will do someday. Never missed any of the first five movies; the first remains my very favorite. While I am so keen on seeing the movie, between my full-time work schedule and the never-ending tasks associated with moving to a new house, the earliest window of opportunity to see it is in two weeks' time. Which can be good and bad at the same time. Good because the crowd in the cinemas had thinned out by then, which would make the movie-going experience more pleasurable. Bad because those people who have seen it on its first day - let alone on its first hours - are also bloggers. And they blog right and left confusing me. Regardless of a few disappointed fans who thought the movie adaptation did not stay true to the plot - I trust they know what they're talking about as I would never know not having read any book - I would still go see it. Because I want to. Because I looked forward to seeing it. Because I got pissed when the showing date was pushed back.

However, I question whether I would be looking out for these misrepresentations and/or omissions that these bloggers pointed out in their thesis-like dissertation of the movie. Will my enjoyment be lessened?

Why oh why do I read bloggers' movie reviews?

Do reviews (by professionals and/or by amateurs or bloggers) affect your opionion of a movie or a restaurant, or a hotel?

By experience I could say, I never really paid that much attention to what the professionals say. Let's see if I truly enjoy this movie.


josiet said…
There's no cinema here so we'll just wait for the DVD release :(

Re reviews by professionals, it doesn't affect my opinion of the movie, book or music. But reviews on restos and hotels affect my choices =)
emilie said…
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Hope your carpet arrives soon. Congratulations on your new home too.
EcoRover said…
I like reading book & film reviews--but usually after I've read/seen the first time, and before I have another, more thoughtful, go at it.

We saw the new HP film at our local drive-in last week. Not as good as the first, by any means, but I liked its slower pacing and more cerebral approach.

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