Nope, we haven't moved in the new house yet. But each night after work we still go there and fix little stuff that we can handle. It's only two days before the carpet is going to be available. Then I am giving it another 2 days for the installation. Oh I can't wait to move. I can't wait. Patience.

So after we got back from putting in liners on the cabinet drawers, we watched Twilight on DVD courtesy of Netflix. Have not read the book, but have been aware of all the hullabaloo that the book and the movie received/created when they came out.

I thought I wouldn't be too interested in it. That was why we didn't rush to see it on the big screen and opted to wait for the dvd release instead. But I guess despite the young age of the protagonists, I loved the movie. I love fantasy novels. I love fantasy stories/movies. And most of all I am a sucker for love story, especially since this one looks like it's going to have a happy ending (at the end of the series?).

I've always loved the Bella actress, Kirsten something. I've seen her in other films and I loved her looks. I can't wait to see this again. Yes, I know I wanted to see it one more time. It looks like I have to buy the dvd.

Weather-wise we're still in the upper 70s I think. Oh I'm loving the temps.


josiet said…
New house! How exciting!

I also thought I wouldn't like the Twilight. But it turned out I love it! I love the book and the movie and the entire series.

Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog =)
Bonnie Bonsai said…
You and my girls will make a good family of Twilight lovers. My youngest even went into the extent of lining up in the store early in the morning to get the new released book with a free T-shirt! :)

Take it easy with your new move. A lot of work, but you'll get there. Please think of me when you do your housewarming?

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