The days were long and tiring that I didn't really had the energy to do anything, including blogging, after working at the house. So today I will continue my documentation of our home renovation project.

Fifth Day:

Brother and SIL returned for a second day of painting. What a relief to have extra pairs of hands to do that. They took care of all the upstairs painting. Well I did the closets and the finished up the master's bedroom and hubs did the upper hallway walls.

I also spray painted the cabinet doors under the sun. And today we have the granite guy who came to cut, polish, and install my granite countertops.

Again, SIL brought some delicious food for lunch. We ate at one of the bedrooms on the carpet, much like picnicking outside. It was a good day with lots of things done, but also a very tiring one.

Sixth Day:

They started to install the laminate floors today, husband had helped from Jesus. It seemed like Jesus had plenty of knowledge in installing floors and the work proceeded well and quickly. I did some touch ups on the cabinets that were spray painted yesterday. Brother and SIL didn't come today.

Around 4 pm, bad news happened. Our granite guy broke our granite slab. He had to get another slab on his own money to replace the one he broke. Lucky for him, we chose a cheap slab. So, instead of our countertop getting finished today, it would have to wait another day. Oh, the kitchen floor has been prepped. We just now need to wait for the appliances to be delivered before tiling.

Seventh Day:

Hubs came early to the site/house while I run errands with mom. I came after lunch and did some odd jobs, like helping hubs finish the flooring. Our granite countertop got installed today. Yahoo!

Eighth Day:

Happy Fourth of July. Hubs and I did some appliances shopping today and we got what we believed is the best deal we could for four types of appliances. We did a little bit of stuff around the house too.

Ninth Day:

Today is Sunday and taking it easy was the call of the day. We came to the house late. I drove mom to her errand then she went with me to the house. Hubs was already there. Mom watered her beloved plants. Then hubs and I tried to finish installing laminate floor on our master's bedroom walk-in closet.

At 7 pm, we caught TRANSFORMERS. What a looong movie that is. The fight scene at the beginning was laboriously long. It could have been better if some of those scenes were edited. Overall, I found the movie much better than the original, funnier too.

Now I am back to work and will only do some work after office hours. I also need to pick out the tiles for the entry way. I initially wanted some granite tiles (I still may get them), but now I have changed my mind.


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