Ready To Give Up This 2-month's Routine

Yes, I am dying to give up this routine that I have seen myself in for a two months now since we got the house. It starts with waking up @ 8 am every day, must be on the road to work between 9:30 and 9:45. Be back @ home by 7:30 pm. By 8 pm, we would be going to the new house, fixing it, cleaning it, doing some minor repairs. And be back home to our rental before 11 pm. It's a loooong day. No wonder I feel tired. And achy. And grumpy.

But the moment I see the fruits of our labor, I just smile. The minute we put the furnitures in and I was able to sit and just look at the high wall in our living room that is painted a bold brick red and also comes under CRISP AUTUMN LEAVES (Glidden paint), I just smile. And for a moment my aches go away.

Two more days and we'll be living in this house. Just two more days. But the work is not done. I think that's how it is. One continuously keep fixing, especially if the house you bought has a little age on it. But I am happy. The house is airy, has high ceilings, lots of windows allowing for plenty of natural light to come through and since the bay is just a ways, it's a bit cooler and breezier especially in the afternoon to early evening hours.

And since I have mentioned furniture, that reminded me I still need a sofa for the family room. I have said no to hubby's desire to get a futon. My friend has supported me on this. Now though we have to find a sofa that would fit our budget. And sofas get too expensive.

That's what's been happening to me since the last post. Nothing exciting. Just lots and lots of working, tiling, grouting, sealing grout, installing toilet fixture. And many many more little chores to come.

BTW in the midst of all the move, I have some commitment with the church that needed to be fulfilled on Saturday am, which is our move date. Then on Sunday, we have a baby shower to go to. Well, we can mix work and play on the weekend, I guess.


josiet said…
You must have moved in your new house by now. How was it? =)

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