I should write something here. After all it's been days since my last entry, and I don't want to keep this idle for a long period of time. Not that I have plenty of things to say. Nor do I have some interesting life to share.

But we have finally moved. August first was the day that we rented a U Haul truck and physically moved --- our furnitures and our bodies --- over to the new "old" house. Needless to say that weekend was exhausting. I can't remember now how tired I was. But I knew that once my head hit the pillow that night, I was immediately taken into dreamland.

And so while we continue to slowly open up each box that is filling our two-car garage, we continue to work, work, and work to pay for this house. Still missing are our pots and pans (oh we have those daily use pots and pans) so we can't cook anything for more than 4 servings.

Because I wanted so much to clear the boxes in the garage, I was toying with the idea of taking a day or two off. But at the same time I don't want to use up whatever I have accrued on vacation cache. Anyway, there are a few touch-ups that still need to be taken care of. And the garden hasn't really gotten full attention from me.

That's been really the major change in my life right now.

At work, we decided to start walking around the block (which is actually about 6 or 7 blocks). I believe we started doing the round for 30 minutes. Today we rounded the "block" for 13 minutes. We are doing good.

And Tony Bourdain did San Francisco on No Reservations last night. I liked that he didn't do the obvious things, the touristy things, nor eaten in places where people go. I hoped he went farther into the East Bay rather than stop at Oakland. And what about Berkeley. There is more to Berkeley than Chez Panisse. A whole world more.

There was another "new" show on Travel Channel last night. I think it's called ---- heck I forgot what it's called. It's a show about how a travel writer goes about his job (traveling). I put new in quotations because to me it's new. Never seen it before, but don't know if it's been around. You see I haven't been watching a lot of Travel Channel lately. I haven't been watching a lot of tv lately in general because of the move. But I love that show. I vaguely recognize one who writes a travel blog. I may be wrong. Heck when I landed on that blog, I made a mistake of not bookmarking his site.

And also I just had a birthday. Yipee! My husband said the gift was huge, it was the house. I couldn't agree more. Although I nagged for a dinner and a movie which I got.

We went to see Harry Potter and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved how the characters have grown up. Dinner was at a Vietnamese restaurant in Berkeley where the decor was expensive looking, but the food was reasonable and delicious.

That's all for now. Lunch break is over, it's back to work time now for me.


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