This (bullet) and That (bullet)

Here's what's happening/going on whether you're interested or not :)

  • I finally surrendered, caved in, succumbed to peer pressure ... er make that facebook pressure. Oh where would I find the time to update, help!

  • Had entertained close friends (on two separate occasions) last weekend. Is this what they say that once you own a house, you will be entertaining?

  • Attended my first Tomato Festival on Saturday. For $2, I got to sample as many different varieties of tomato as I wanted. My favorite was called Juliette.

  • Attended my first RELAY FOR LIFE (an American Cancer Society fundraising) after the tomato festival. Will return to walk longer next year, God willing.

  • Had to ask two different people (friend and boss) this question, ARE YOU READY TO LET GO? Both have family suffering from the big C, looks terminal for both cases. My heart is breaking especially for my friend's sister, who also happens to be an ex-co-worker. She is suffering too much. May God relieve a little of her pain, and reassure her that it would be all right.

  • Reconnected with some friends from high school. Ah the magic of the world wide web.

  • I want a little road trip, a weekend get-away preferrably near the ocean, Mendocino is my choice.

  • It took me two weeks to locate the box containing our iron. I need to have my clothes pressed so it was a major relief to finally track down the iron.

  • Oh my Shah Rukh Khan had a memorable experience with the airport people. Really, who doesn't know him? I am shocked!

Note: looks like the bullets are not showing :(


The Scud said…
the bullets are showing. hehe. the big C is really a pain in the ass. im really thankful C does not run in both sides of my family.

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