I made it!

Oh yeah, I did! I made it thru this work week without calling in sick. It was a feat that I would celebrate with a beer tonight.

Since Monday I was feeling run down. Must be the allergy acting up all week --- sinus pressure, air in ear, ringing in ear, clogged nasal passages, dry itchy eyes, and raspy throat. I thought that it would definitely take a miracle to get thru this week without calling in sick. And I guess I got a miracle of some sort.

Each night as I get home, I feel exhausted. I would get my usual 6-7 hours of sleep (cant believe I get that much, I just realized that today) and wake up somewhat energized. Midway thru my day tho' I get very tired. But each day I wake up, there was enough energy in my body to get me to work and I'm really happy for that. Not that I don't have any sick time left. If my memory is correct, I haven't called in sick yet this year. I mean I had taken sick leaves, all for scheduled medical and dental appointments. On second thought, I'd rather leave the sick leave alone :)

Well, I have been quite busy with facebook. My high school friends are there, the ones I really hung out back then and that's all I do. I have invites to a farm of some sort, but truly I don't think I have time to tend to a cyber farm right now.


The Scud said…
buti ka pa at energized sa umaga. i dread weekday mornings. work na naman na walang work. hehe.

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