Third Day:

Today it was shopping day. First went to Best Buy to check out their combination appliances sale (refrigerator, range/stove, dishwasher, and over the range microwave). The price was good, but we didn't buy. Not yet. Then we went to check stuff at Home Depot in El Cerrito. As we were driving out of the lot, I noticed the guy who crossed the street looked like someone I knew. Then a few yards away I told my husband to pull over because I think I knew the guy. So I stuck my head out the window and yelled his name. It was Clay. My former co-worker, the one who trained me. We chitchatted a bit, exchanged pleasantries, and then it was time to move on. We went to Emeryville to check out the appliance store, but the store was closed on Mondays. So from there we took a different road towards the freeway. But before we could reach the freeway entrance (actually we didn't find the freeway entrance) we spotted a store/warehouse called Granite Expo. We stopped and managed to buy two granite top vanity for two bathrooms. And the granite top for ur island, including the cabinet for the island.

Then we stopped at Home Depot on the way back and picked up some more items. We did a little more painting.

Fourth Day:

Hubs went to pick up the bigger vanity and also to visit the appliances store that was closed yesterday. I on the other hand went to Home Depot to pick up another gallon of the paint that we were using for the bedrooms. Mother and I just arrived at the house when Brother 2 and SIL 2 came to help paint. SIL was bringing a huge picnic basket complete with lunch of Pinakbet, rice, and snails. Yummy. I didn't eat, but brother and SIL and mom did. I just finished my skillet brunch and was still very full. After lunch, Brother 4 and SIL 4 stopped by for a short visit.

Hubs arrived with some help. So today we did the following:
* paint bedrooms and hallway
*sand cabinets
*remove carpets downstairs


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