Second Day:

Second day of "renovation" and also of the scorching heat. I was wiped out last night, mostly due to the heat. Woke up feeling blah. I reckoned it was over 80 degrees when I woke up. Hubs went to church by himself and I stayed home. I did laundry, watched Confederation Cup with hubs. Took mom to run her errands. Then it was time to hie off to Home Depot to get the materials for our flooring project. So we got:

*30 boxes of laminate flooring
*12 cases of ceramic tiles
*and everything that needed to lay the floor and the tiles.

It was late when we got out of Home Depot. Brother's pick up was filled with our merchandise. It was unloading I hated to do, but I had to help hubs unload everything.

Nothing done today, just shopping. After the heat yesterday it was best we didn't work today. Heat continues tomorrow according to the weatherman, but hopefully it would stay in the 80s.


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