I have to focus on writing. On posting here. Unlike my three other blogs, which are mostly photo blogs, I have to sit down and really think what I wanted to share. Weed out what's boring and leave the interesting pieces for publication. Although, I have no target audience and I am writing for myself. For my documentation. For my release. I guess updating is what's next here, as I post about once a week. Let me see what's been going on:

  • We've finally got all documents signed, been sealed, delivered, approved. And the American dream is ours. Now the process of knocking down walls, tearing out the carpet, demolishing some cabinetry and making this our dream home has begun. Therefore, if you want to see me nowadays, I'm gonna be somewhere in Home Depot checking paint samples, feeling carpet fibers, settling on the type and design of tiles, etc. It is a huge process, not to mention the dent it will leave on our finances. Oh my goodness. The things is when our realtor/friend told us that the house was ours, we both did not react like lunatics. We took it nonchalantly. We both smiled and thank God and some time later as I was washing the dishes I mentioned how we didnt jump for joy upon learning the good news. The good news that had eluded us for one year. Yes, we were househunting for a year. We got a lot of stories to tell, but not right now. Right now all my energies are geared towards making sure our budget gets all the things we wanted done. Prioritize what needs to be done asap and fix as the time goes along. A big sigh of relief and a humble thanks to the Lord above for making all this happen.

  • In connection with this purchase, my husband's friends are one by one looking at the house. They want him to buy first and then they would follow, sort of a guide for them to maneuver this tricky real estate market. Everyone is united in saying we did good, despite the age of the house and the cosmetic repairs it obviously needs.
  • To add to this major happening in our life, my husband is keen on getting some R&R in the middle of this renovation by pushing through with the camping trip next weekend. This weekend we will devote to weeding and making the garden, backyard, and frontyard, a bit presentable. I am having second thoughts about the camping.

  • We went cherry picking with pals last weekend. To Brentwood we went where it was the right time to pick the fruits. We first stopped at a roadside orchard and picked cherries (I brought some for coworkers), then drove a bit further inland to another orchard that has different fruits like apricots, peaches, pluots (hybrid of plum and apricot), plums, blackberry (although it's too early for them). We got full! It was a sunny and breezy day, perfect to be outdoors. There were plenty of people in the orchards. In the early days I remember that there were more orchards around. This part of California used to be all agricultural land, with miles and miles of orchards. Then the real estate boom hits and they converted a lot of these lands to housing. But I'm glad that there are still some left for people in the cities to go and enjoy a day of fruit picking.

  • The weather has been cloudy and foggy, some areas had rain, actual rain in June, which is really nice. Not where I live though, although my windshield was damp when I drove out on some days. I could use some more rainy days even if it's summer time and it will pester a lot of people. Hey, we need rain around here. If we don't, more wildfires are expected.

I think that's all I have for now. I will really try to make this a more than a weekly habit.


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