First Day:

It is the first day of vacation, sort of. I requested for a week-long vacation next week so we could do some work on the house. I am counting the weekends as part of my vacation, er work week. I thought I would do a record of what's been done so far.

A few nights ago after work we have completed painting the living room (early morning sun). It only needs a few touch ups. It looked nice in daylight.

Today, we had to help with church's yard sale. The sale was held in the church's parking lot. We signed up for the 10-2 shift where we would pack up the unsold items to be hauled to Thrift Town and/or Salvation Army.

It was a hot day today. The temps reached in the 90s. Really hot and dry. And I was under the burning sun packing up stuff in the box where other church members haul it in their pick-ups to bring to said used item store/s.

We got back from church about 3:30, way off schedule. But we managed to do the following work at home:

*paint the hallway wall (crisp autumn)
*paint the kitchen walls (cant remember our color scheme)
*paint the family room walls (two colors)
*dust the bedroom walls for painting (I didn't realized that we didn't buy the paint for the bedroom yet)

Tomorrow is another day. Right now, I am dead tired. After we left the house, we stopped by La Morena for some Mexican/El Salvadoran food. Mother has some burito while hubs and I had the plato or dinner plate of Milanese. I thought I'd put my feet up after showering (hubs is showering right now), because my entire body is aching. Thankfully, my ankle did not ache like it did a few nights ago when we were painting the living room. But it still looked a little swollen. I may have to see a doctor after all. Not too much pain but there is discomfort and pain when I bend it.

Let me play some online games to relax. The temps at 10:24 pm right now is still registering at 81 (outdoors) and 86 indoors. Tomorrow will be more of the same.


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