I Can Taste The Difference

Over the weekend, Starbucks introduced its new product, an instant coffee called Via. According to the ads they circulated over the tv, YOU cannot tell the difference between this instant brew and their house brew. They invited people to come to the stores and take the challenge. If you could tell the difference you would get a coupon for a tall house blend on your next visit.

So hubs and I went last Saturday. We were able to sneak it in between running errands because it was near the grocery store that we patronized. So we marched up to the counter and ordered our regular blend brew and we were asked if we would like to take the challenge. Of course we said.

And guess what? I guessed which one was the instant brew. Sadly hubs didn't guess correctly. In his defense, he hasn't had any instant coffee experience prior to the tasting. But I knew the minute the hot, and I mean HOT coffee landed at the tip of my tongue that it was an instant coffee. It tasted like the coffee that my mother loves. I really don't know which brand of instant coffee it tasted like, but I knew it was instant right away.

So I guess, I'm a coffee connoisseur!


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