Jumbled Musings

Look at the calendar and you'll see that the month of October is nearly over and that the Holidays will be here before we know it. Am I ready for the Holidays? NO. Did I start shopping, planning the menu? NO. Can I skip the holidays this year? I wish.

Chatting with my friend on facebook last night left me worried. I thought I sensed something amiss with her. It's not much what she said, but what I felt she didn't say. I raised this concern to hubs last night while I was in the middle of chatting and he advised I pick up the phone and ring her. I was afraid I was jumping the gun and I was too nosey if I did that. I should just talk to her later again and see if she's okay.

The rains we have been having make me happy. I love the rain. I only wish I have a day off so I could curl up in bed with one of the novels I have yet to open. I look out of the window it's very gloomy and I cant tell from my vantage point but I wouldn't be surprised at all if its drizzling outside.

Persimmons are in season again and that makes me happy too. I love them. I'm glad I went picking persimmon over at a friend's house yesterday. I picked way too much and I'm afraid I would get tired of eating them.

Interesting happening over at Seattle Grace. They fired Izzie Stevens. Does that mean the actress is out of the show? I don't know the answer because my computer time has been limited.

Last week we had some strange weather. I thought it felt like earthquake weather. I didn't raise my concern, but when I was chatting with a dear friend and she mentioned noticing that the weather last week felt like earthquake weather, well she verbalized my fear. No earthquakes please.

Well, that's all folks. Nothing is happening where I am except people are getting sick with flu and colds. We've been having extreme weather changes here. One minute it's gloomy and cloudy and rainy like today and the next day it's hot and humid. Yeah we had some humidity here. It's really weird to experience some humidity after being used to dry air.

Oh and before I forget our family had welcomed a little boy this October, but I only saw him this weekend because I had to get over my colds before seeing him. He is too cute and very chinky. Alex, welcome to the world and welcome to the madhouse. We love you!

Now can it be any more jumbled than that?


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