A week later

What a difference a week make, huh? Last post a week was telling how I was rushing to get all my cards replaced after I "lost" my wallet. Well, after that crazy Friday and the weekend, the rest of the week went by without the thought of the lost wallet crossing my mind, until about Thursday I believe when I realized that I had another bank card in the wallet. I knew that stressing about it that time was not productive so I just let it be. The account was the one I had when I was single, so there's hardly anything there. I just use it when I want to splurge on a cup of mochachino or something.

Anyway, the story about the lost wallet didn't end there. On Saturday, as we were leaving to go shopping, the hubby took the driver's seat, we were in my car. And the minute he opened the door the wallet was there. It was just there. On the side of the seat.

WE LOOKED throughout the whole car, on several occasions. The hubby LOOKED more than once and he's very thorough. So the only explanation left about the wallet is if it's hiding you won't find it until it's ready to show itself.

I let out a humongous laugh that went on for minutes it seemed. The sound of relief! Afterwards we spent the whole afternoon shopping. I finally got the piece that would complete my outfit for hubby's company's party in a couple of weeks.

And, we even got a good foot/neck/shoulder/back massage. What a great Saturday.

Now for Sunday.....

I've been teasing the husband about how he cannot do spontaneous. Trips are always planned way in advance, dining outs are well thought of and planned as well. So it was good to see that we began the year with a spontaneous trip to Pacific Grove, 2 hour's drive away. The Monarch butterfly sanctuary in Pacific Grove had some butterflies and are ready for sighting.

Up until yesterday, I had the impression that Monterey was about 4 hours drive. 2 hours drive is nothing on a day when everyone else seemed to be watching the hometown team, the 49ers on TV, so the roads were clear.

So we went to look at the butterflies, sipped organic coffee and ate yummy cookie at a coffee house cum bookstore, walked up and down the downtown area stopping at restaurant windows reading their menus, ended up taking rock fish quesadilla and thai spice wrap to go for a picnic on the waterfront where we were joined by birds and friendly squirrels while we chow down our delicious meal outdoors on a sunny day.

Then the spontaneity didn't end there. On the drive home, we stopped at Capitola, another fave spot, for a bit of sunset shooting.

What a gorgeous spontaneous day!

Twas a lovely weekend altogether.


DaPHne LAura said…
Wow now that's a relief! But still it was wise to call the banks to cancel your cards. I remember early lasy year when D thought he lost his wallet, I was assigned to call the banks. I say "thought" because it turns out he merely forgot he left it at.the locker at his workplace. LOL. Suffice to say, I still joke about his senior moment ever so often! :D
madretz said…
Sounds like a perfect weekend!

I had a similar story re: lost credit cards. A few years ago I lost our 1 and only credit card. Cancelled it, called to get new one, cancelled all the automatic payments...a week later, found it In The Car. Yup, right there. Even though we both searched it through and through when it 1st went missing. What's up with that!?

My husband is the complete opposite. He never makes any plans because ... "i donno what's gonna happen by then." I'm like, "dude, if you block the time, then nothing else will come up during that time." But then his spontaneity has become lacking as well. It used to be better, but more times than not we just hang out at home and do nothing. Pretty much, if I wanna adventure, I need to do with with friends.

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