Happy Heart's Day

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There is this force that compels me to write today. Is it because today's Valentine's Day? Or despite of it? Whatever the occult reasoning behind this interest to jot down something and share I'm happy to do so.

I over ate today. Chinese food c/o supervisor at work who treated everyone in the staff lunch. Pretty nice move. Then one brought strawberries - sweet, succulent - and she handpicked 2 of the biggest ones for me. Again another one received a big box of Sampler's chocolates and I was encouraged to enjoy a piece or two. Naturally I helped myself to 2 pieces, are you kidding me?

Now I know the hubs has some special dinner at home. While we don't do the whole Valentine thing - dinner, roses, chocolates, gifts - we find a way to fix something special for dinner at home. We tried to go out to dinner on V-Day before and it was disastrous. The amount of people eating out today is incredible.

Anyway, since it's Valentine's Day I'd like to share what transpired at the bedroom last night. No it's not x-rated in nature. So here goes: We were watching Jimmy Kimmel as we always do and he has this segment where he had 2 couples in different cities and it's like a scavenger hunt sort of game. One of the things he asked the couples is this: Bring something that belongs to your partner that you hate but he/she loves.

I didn't think anything more about it. We tune in to Kimmel and then set the timer on the tv. We find that we easily could sleep when there's tv noise so we keep Kimmel on.

Long after I took off my glasses and the lights were put out, I noticed that he was still awake, which is off since he could easily drift to dreamland when head hits pillow.

So I asked if he's okay. He said he's thinking of something that he hates of mine that I truly love. Oh-em-gee! He's serious about this.

To give him a little help I volunteered my answer to Kimmel's question. I told him that I truly hate his brown shorts that he loved to wear everywhere. He's worn it overseas even, I cannot stand it.

My answer gave way to his answer. I have this long t-shirt that is worn inside the house either as a lounger or as a nightgown. He said he hated seeing that. It's full of holes and I'm still wearing it. Before tonight he didn't say anything about it, except noticing that it's full of holes. How would I know he didn't like it.

As much as I liked that shirt, it really is time to retire it.

Anyway, for those who are brave enough to go out and celebrate this holiday, hope you enjoy yourself and your company.


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