Talking to Myself

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I'm struggling to be a friend right now. I found out that I'm not as patient with "friends" as I thought I am. I learned that my well of understanding is shallow and that my power of persuasion borders on the fringes of dictatorship.

I pride myself in having the best shoulders to cry on and the most patient ears in the friendship business, but this time my claims have been challenged and questioned and put into test every single time.

What happened to me? I need to meditate to find courage to help friends find their way back to their happy zone.


Kayni D said…
I am sort of in the same boat. I have really short patience these days. I think it's a phase. At least for me, it is. I've been catching myself snapping at friends and even my husband :(.
madretz said…
Well, sometimes if the same friend(s) keeps crying about the same topic and doesn't make any effort to help him or herself, it's a lot harder to keep those shoulders open for crying on.

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