If it's not blooming, it's budding!

What an enjoyable weekend I had!

First off, my long-standing Saturday lunch date with mom that was uneventful. Then as I was driving her to her errands we passed by this little hillside that is covered in golden poppies. It simply took my breath away. Took mental note to take hubby here after church for little photo session.

The rest of Saturday afternoon I did NOTHING but watch the Giants beat the LA Dodgers on tv. I refused to do anything but concentrate on my Giants, selfish of me I know, but it worked out fine because the hubby has a "work date" with a couple of guys at church.

By the time he got back there was just enough time to still catch Costco open. Got a few items in Costco and was very focused on getting only what is on the list. I have a problem shopping at Costco because I seem to like everything they have - which is the exact opposite of going to the mall for me.

Sunday I remembered to pack both cameras when we drove out to church service. I told the hubby I was taking him for a photo shoot to a surprise location. However, he took me first to this empty land in a residential area where the lot is filled with golden poppies. How delightful to live next to this empty lot. My heart leapt for joy. Spring flowers and sunny skies give so much joy.

Next we drove out to the hillside and he's surprised that there's so much poppies this year. We lived in this neighborhood for years and this is the only year that poppies grow here, or any other spring wildflowers. Oh more joy!

Got home and made burgers for lunch then off to the garden I went. I planted two tomatoes, two peppers, an eggplant, a pot/container of mesculun greens, some catnip, cat grass, and made a few repotting of plants. The weather on Sunday was glorious, perfect for gardening. You should see the line at Home Depot Garden Center on Sunday. You know it's time to plant.

Ended the weekend with a dinner of home-made sushi and sashimi. Thankfully we have sushi-grade tuna at home. The hubs really know how to make good food.

Thank heavens for all these blessings. Spring, you're so much fun!


NatureFootstep said…
budding is good! :)
Kayni D said…
we planted tomatoes, squash, chayote and i'm waiting for my sweet pepper seedlings. i want to plant some malunggay but my seedling died.

spring is a lot of fun.

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