Obviously nothing comes to mind lately if we're basing on the frequency of post here is concerned. I know it's been 2 weeks since the last entry and somehow days just went by and the appeal to put into paper thoughts have decreased tremendously this year. I checked earlier today and I was shocked. This year 2014 it's already mid August and the number of posts of I have is........23!!!!!

Two-wen-tee three!!!!!

That's right! A measly 23 posts. Around 3 posts a month!

I could not believe that. I'm quite surprised at my paltry output here. Was I too busy, too uninspired? Whatever it is, it's no use looking back. Best look forward to racking up posts in the coming days.

While I was on silent m ode, I celebrated my birthday. Birthdays are a blessing, but some more than other bring great joy to the celebrant. This isn't the case with me this year. Oh no, don't get me wrong. I am not feeling depressed, sad, or lonely. As a matter of fact, I feel extremely blessed.

Still this year I was not feeling the birthday vibe. Case in point, I went to work on my birthday. Surprised the hubby and co-workers who worked with me for a long time and know and expect not to see me around my birthday, but there I was at work. And it's not as bad as I feared it to be, especially this being the first time in so long I can't even remember the last time I was at work on my birthday.

I thanked God for another birthday and the shower of blessings I received throughout the year. Yet I was in no mood to whip it up. Maybe next year.

I got sushi for dinner on my birthday. We cannot let a birthday pass by without cake and dinner. Tried the new (to us but I believe it's relatively new) sushi place along San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. Small place, intimate setting. My birthday fell on a Wednesday so I was pleased to see that people were eating out on weekdays too. Good for business. This is what we had: two special sushi rolls, grilled squid, takoyaki (sp) or squid balls and grilled bacon-wrapped okra. Looking at the items we ordered, I didn't think it would fill us up but it did. I was full to the gills when I walked out of the restaurant. I would go back there someday.

Also, I am so busy right now prepping for the big vacation that's only 2 months away. How could that be so close? We booked this about a year and a half ago and here it is finally nearing. To say that I'm excited is an understatement. In addition, I look forward to separately meeting up with a blogger pal in Barcelona and a high school classmate also in Barcelona. My excitement is high up there I am so close to losing sleep over it.

Before I close let me say how much I enjoy getting snail mail from a blogger pal. It brings back a lot of memories of days gone by when waiting for mail occupied my days. I just received another snail mail today from her. So much fun I tell you.

Talk you all later.


Kayni D said…
I haven't been blogging that much either. Most of the time, I'm preoccupied with napping and just baking. Belated Happy Birthday! Like you, I can't believe August is half-way done...soon it's fall. I do want this year to be over, as 2013 and this year has been both tough.
madretz said…
Happy belated birthday! Tis the season for bdays...my husband's was last week and mine was about a month ago. Our family has a lot of August birthdays. But i hear ya about bday celebrating this year, i felt it too. both of our birthdays went by with little or no fanfair. which we're ok with.

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