That's whats on my mind. Sports. Soccer to be specific. The World Cup. I'm not a soccer fan. But every time the World Cup comes around, I'm there watching. Talking futbol to people. A co-worker asked if I talk futbol too or I just talk baseball.

The fun thing about the World Cup is the passion that oozes out of the teams. The pride of representing their countries is palpable through the tv screen. I root for teams without knowing a single player. I root for teams who live and breathe futbol.

This is why despite the obvious reason to root for team USA at the back of my mind I thought they should not/could not be successful at this sport. A sport that the majority of its residents don't care for. That is why I was really torn when they beat Ghana. They deserve to win this year after being beaten by the same team for two consecutive World Cups. However, a win in this tournament means so much more to the Ghanians (?) than it does to the Americans.

I don't know the rules of soccer. I'm learning slowly. But even to a casual observer, I can appreciate all the drama of these games. It's fun!

In other topic, a few hours ago I was contemplating on writing here since I haven't been regular in posting lately. I remember the name of this blog - Whatever Comes To Mind - and thought why not write whatever comes to mind right there and then. That's what I would like to do with this blog. Of course I wouldn't completely dismiss writing recaps of my daily/weekly happenings.


The goalkeeper of USA was just great!

A Very Happy 4th July!

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