Postcards anyone?

We are expecting a house guest in a few days. She will be staying for a week so we are busy cleaning the house. We even installed a curtain rod in the guest room that becomes Emma's room the rest of the time. As part of cleaning, I have to just tidy up stuff and in the process of tidying up, I stumbled upon postcards that I collected on our travels. Oh my goodness I didn't realize I was such a maniac before when it comes to postcards. I don't buy anymore, when I do I usually limit it to 3 or 4 or a $1.00 worth. I also recognize that some of the postcards are not great quality that my photos are even better sometimes.

So anyone wants a postcard? I am happy to send you one.


madretz said…
oh, i am right there with you on the postcard collecting. Not as much anymore. I used to send 10-20 postcards whenever I traveled, too. Not anymore...with facebook and instagram, my peeps get the details there. But I still continue collecting magnets.

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