First Half Recap

If there is one word that would describe the first half of 2010 in my personal world it would be STRESS(FUL).

I encountered stress at work when the changes in management and budget woes have put my job on the line - at least for a while. Well, no one is safe as far as we're concerned, even now.

Stress was present when I heard from my doctor that surgery was required. More stress when I had to undergo surgery and stay at home for a month recuperating. Thankfully, through prayers, all went well and with the least amount of pain and discomfort I could ever imagine.

Stress when I realized that the first half of the year was over and I still hadn't had a vacation when I so badly needed one. While we took a major holiday towards the end of last year, thereby dissipating our savings; I was hard pressed to find a bargain vacation deal that would require very little money. And so towards the end of the first half, I went on a holiday in tropical Cancun. I arrived there with a tropical depression. I was just glad it wasn't a hurricane that greeted me as I landed.

And our wedding anniversary get-away in May was an overnight trip to Monterey, well rainy Monterey. Funny how both my vacation get-aways were punctuated with rain.

That's how the first half rolled. Hoping that the second half is less stressful.


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