Nothing Interesting, But Thought I'd Write Just The Same

We finally get some summer heat going. It's been in the 80s here for the past couple of days and we're told the heating continues until this weekend, then we'll resume to have our natural air conditioner in place. That is the fog around the bay for those who don't know.

Last year on our first summer on this house, we ate dinner outside, in the backyard because daylight was longer and it's refreshing to eat outside. This year, must be due to the cooler summer weather so far, we haven't had a single dinner outside. Hubs noticed that and blamed my tv viewing habit as the culprit. But I don't think so. Our outdoor furnitures are the hand-me-downs and they came with the house. They need scrubbing and maybe a fresh coat of paint. I've been thinking of getting a new set . Home Depot and OSH have been having good sets out for display, but they are still above my price range.

Anyway, our Cancun get-away was two weeks ago, can you believe that? It seemed much longer than the two weeks.

Cancun was fun in a way. It was the choice destination for us because all we needed was lounging on the beach or by the pool. And we did that and then some.

What I like about Cancun:
  • the beach and lagoon are so pretty
  • beachcombing is fantastic
  • the shopping is good
  • the people are very nice
  • no bum on the streets
  • the relaxed lifestyle

What I dislike about Cancun:

  • the suffocating combo of heat and humidity
  • shopping is expensive
  • didn't get a good "authentic Mexican" food
  • didn't rent a car - should next time around

Needless to say, we had fun in that short stay of 6 days 5 nights. I would love to go back someday too.


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