My Car Remains Unwashed

Another weekend passed by and the car remains dirty, filthy. Good thing it's not smelly :) I have been meaning to wash in months. But as each weekend arrives I find my list of to do filled with errands and gardening and laundry and church activities that carwash always end up in the "if there is time i'll do it" category. Many weeks passed and I still didn't have time.

Here's why I didn't have time to wash the car:
  1. Daily weekend date with mom. Lunch at her favorite Chinese restaurant. I've been at this restaurant many times and I can't remember it's name :) She had the seafood claypot and I had a lunch combo (garlic prawns), which ended up tasting like their other prawn dishes.
  2. After lunch with mom, we ran a ton of errands, ending in a stop at a local Pinoy restaurant, CABALEN, who's moving to a closer location this weekend. Hah! less driving for moi. As was the case every weekend, we came out of the restaurant with boxes of to-gos and some cassava cake and halo-halo. My connoisseur of a husband commented that CHOWKING's halo halo is far superior :)
  3. Got my FRY'S fix. We love this computer/electronics store/warehouse, even if we're just browsing. We were able to get a landscaping software that would be free after the mail in rebate is submitted. I used to like coming here because of their massage chairs. This week the chairs were nowhere in sight so I just lovingly touched and handled the Nikons and the Canons in display and I didn't care if the salesperson was looking at me funny!
  4. Gardening - weeding, sweeping, snipping dead rose blooms, etc etc until it was dark.
  5. The whole morning of Sunday is for church.
  6. A friend of ours who treats my husband their "good son" and I their good son's wife, had a hip replacement, her second, but she had some complication with the medication they gave her that affected her heart. Poor thing! So we visited her and although she was staying in a nonprivate room (sharing with two other people) she has the window view and what a view it was. She can see the Berkeley from her bed. It was a great view. I hope she gets better soon.
  7. We delivered pizza to #5's husband, who is also not in the pink of health. We visited with him and his only son who was staying with him while the mom is in the hospital.
  8. Almost missed the screening of THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. I love that movie. Well, I like it a lot. For one it's very entertaining. Another, it's always nice to see Nick Cage in a movie. I wonder when did I become a Nick Cage fan?
  9. Had dinner at a friend's house and after dinner she put on a Netflix WII movie which is very interesting. It's a Bollywood movie made in Miami. She and I share a love for Bollywood. I can't remember the title. But it's a funny movie. Unfortunately, it was 9 pm by the time we finished our chai and the movie is just getting into the good parts. I will watch this again in full.

So there wasn't really time to wash the car. How was your weekend?


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