Blond Moment or Senior Moment

Yesterday after a very very long day which was punctuated by my car breaking down just when I was in my street at the foot of the hill, about 7 small blocks from my driveway, I had some sort of a breakdown - or a senior or blond moment, you be the judge.

So when the tow truck came (I rang hubby first who happened to be home from work early) and told me and hubby that he believed that the reason why the car stopped running was that the battery was dead, which was what I suspected all along since we haven't replaced the battery since we bought it 6 years ago.

We told the young (was he even legit to drive yet?) tow truck driver to just bring the car home. When that was done, it was nearing 8 pm. Hubs and I sped to Costco to get the warehouse brand battery. Costco closes at 9 pm daily and they close the gate before that. We got to Costco about 8:30 and I was running, hubs went to park the car. When he got in and saw me admiring the tv selection, he questioned why I didn't have a cart with me. I ran outside to fetch a cart and the door is starting to be shut. I asked them to let me grab a cart first.

And so we managed to locate the aisle where the car batteries are located. Honestly I didn't see these before now. Selective memory? Husband suggested we do a little bit of shopping, but I was really exhausted and stressed both from hard day at work and the car's breakdown that I threw my brand of tantrum (nothing scandalous) and I reasoned out that I really need to see TOP CHEF and it starts at 9 pm. I am recording it, he said. But I didn't budge and so we hurriedly paid our purchase and was greeted at the door by the same employee who grinned at our purchase and smiled saying she understood now why the urgency in my step.

Anyway, we got home and I immediately turn the tv on Bravo and lo and behold some other show is going on. I went to fix dinner and still no TOP CHEF coming on. I checked SyFy and WAREHOUSE 13 is on. Since that is one of hubs fave shows, we watched that while changing back to Bravo during commercial breaks. NO Top Chef.

I was still fuming and suddenly I realized that Warehouse 13 is on the wrong day of the week. I ask my husband why Warehouse 13 is on a Wednesday. My moment came when hubby said it was Tuesday that's why Warehouse 13 was on and why Top Chef wasn't because the latter goes on Wednesdays. Boink! Senior Moment or Blond Moment? You be the judge.


the scud said…
HAHA. This post made me smile.

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