Day 18 (30 days of June)

We took the kitties yesterday to get their annual vaccinations. As usual, Buster cried the whole way and back. He can't seem to adjust to car rides. He never likes them. This would probably his third or fourth car ride only in 2 years that he lives with us. Maybe we should take them driving around town.

I remember when we fetched him from the shelter - he had to stay a few days after adoption because he needed to be fixed and then recover - he also was crying. So I let him loose inside the car. It was evening and dark and so the car lights were all on. He was freaking out with all the different noise and the lights.

The cries coming from him are those deep throaty cries. They're not meows. It's more like MAAAAAW. I had to sit in the back seat with both of them, they were both in their container boxes.

Emma doesn't cry, but you can tell she was unsettled. I had to rub their heads throughout the ride - which was probably less than 10 minutes.

After the vaccinations and when they got home, they immediately were treated to tuna. Both of them love tuna.

Last night though the kitties were sluggish, just like humans feel when we have our flu shots. Here look at them:

2012_06_17 emmabuster2012_06_17 emmabuster 003
Emma on the left was acting like a little child with fever. She slept on her bed, which is located on our bed. She cuddled up with me when I went on the bed and that's where she stayed the rest of the night. I woke up to find her on my side.

Buster found comfort in cuddling with catpapa. Oh these cats are so cute.

The whole experience took more toll on me than them I think.


Kayni said…
Dizzy doesn't like cars either. After a car ride, she'd feel sick for a few days. Your kitties looks so cute.

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