Day 11 (30 days of June)


Dear G,

You sneaky little devil you! I thought we were tight? Why didn't you say goodbye? You weren't keen on making a scene by saying goodbye? Or were you afraid I'd make a scene when you say goodbye? Either way, I'm sure you're right.

The thing is by not saying goodbye you robbed me of the chance to say how much I appreciated working with you. Sure you spread your nervous energy with everyone around you. My husband thinks I absorbed the most of my nervous energy from you :)

I thank you for your friendship and your sense of humour. I enjoyed working with you especially during the stressful times when we felt like we've been wrung out dry of energy, of enthusiasm, or even the will to work.

You're far too young to retire, although that's what I've heard you did. I wouldn't be surprised if you're punching your time card somewhere else. Good luck. And if you're up to it, drop by and say hi someday.

Thanks for the laughter,


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