Day 21 (30 days of June)


On the 19th I had a dental appointment. My dentist replaced the temporary bridge she put in 6 months ago. I know it shouldn't be that long, but there were insurance issues. So I came back after 6 months. The temporary bridge was generally not giving me any trouble. Still, she needed to take new measurements and put in new temporary bridge.

I was the last patient of the day. At work the next day, it came loose while I was eating lunch. The ironic thing is I wasn't even chewing on that side. So I called the office for emergency appt.

I went this morning. She fixed it, put more glue as she said. Two hours later it's loose again.

I called the office and left a message. They're closed on Fridays. I will have to be back on Saturday.

I don't know what's different betweent his temporary one versus the one that stuck in my mouth for 6 months without any hassle.

I just don't like going to the dentist like majority of Earth's population.


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