Day 3 (30 days of June)

Extremely happy to celebrate my catblog's first anniversary. I cannot believe that I'm also blogging from a cat's perspective.

Adopting cats made me a crazy cat lady and I'm proud of it. Who wouldn't when your cats are these cute - of course I'm 100% biased.

emma project_Page000
Emma was 2 when we adopted her. She's now 4. We took her in while I was in the middle of a month-long recuperation from a major surgery. Needless to say, I had a very smooth recuperation time. She kept me company the whole time.

And because the experience with Emma was heavenly, we naturally came to the conclusion that one cat is just not enough. We took in from the same shelter a 5-month old ginger cat, that's really naughty and clumsy, and funny. A total opposite of Emma. I was telling the hubby that if the situation were reversed and we adopted Buster first, I would have to think twice about getting another cat. He was a handful, still is. But he's totally adorable. Look at this face:


Now he's two years old, still the baby in the family. I am trying my darnedest not to adopt another cat. It's a constant struggle. But I suppose the fact that we're feeding many homeless/feral cats give me the satisfaction of having more cats, because I feel very proprietary of these cats already. I have been feeding them regularly/daily and interacting with them. I even named a few of them.

So today my story is about my being a crazy cat lady.


Kayni said…
Cat's are adorable. Dizzy is making our lives happier and lighter. Dizzy usually comes and steps on my back when I'm ready for bed; like a massage. I love her to bits. Do I qualify as a cat lady as well?

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