Day 2 (30 days of June)

Just got back from cleaning up the city streets, it's the first clean up project for the city and a small group of us from church signed up to do this. It's a very good day to do that. Started at 9 am for registration. Then walked up a about 15 minutes to get to our designated street to clean. Ours is from Appian Way to Downtown, about 7 blocks. We did more than that in less time than required. We were given lunch tickets but we finished before the lunch was set up so we didn't get lunch.

Am now about to jump into the shower and then fill my afternoon with errand: lunch with mom - some tapsilog I'm sure, dressing the altar - I volunteer to prepare the altar for Sunday service and finally I'm getting my facial. My aesthetician is back from 3-month long maternity leave, so I'm happy.

My back is killing me. Too much bending to pick up trash, but it's all worth it. People stop and say thanks to me for picking up trash. Community spirit, let's go.


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