Day 29 (30 days of June)

chocolate extravaganza 2011 040

Tomorrow, June 30th is the second annual Chocolate Extravaganza, a fundraiser that our church hosts to benefit us and the local high school's music program.

Last night I started to make my truffles. Yes plural. I'm participating with my creations of truffles - creme de menthe truffle and almond truffle. The former is taken from another blogger and the latter is from Nestle.

Making truffles is time consuming. It's not done yet. Hopefully tonight we'd get all things completed and prettied for the presentation.

Last year, I manned the cash box so I wasn't able to circulate and taste the offerings, but this one that fellow church member Kim and Karsten made was spectacular. In fact it was the 2nd place winner of People's Choice Award.

I'm not really hoping for placements for my truffle. May be in the coming years I'd be able to develop a recipe that would be worthy of People's Choice.

Hah! We're almost in July.


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