Day 19 (30 days of June)


Today I'm walking down memory lane. These two boys pictured here recently graduated from elementary school. This image is 5 years ago this August.

This was from a camping trip we took as a family, the only one so far. We thought the boys would benefit from a camping trip so we made arrangements. Nowadays with them all grown up and everyone seemed to have always something to do or somewhere to go to, the camping trip never had a part 2.

I'm hoping we could again go camping as a family. It's a rare experience to be away from all the routines of daily life and be in a cabin with family with no tv, no cell phone coverage, no internet access. In the darkness of the night, we had to entertain ourselves by completing jigsaw puzzles, playing board games, and talking.

Breakfasts were also grilled anything from bread to fruit. It was a fun time. Really wonderful to look back to.


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