Day 4 (30 days of June)

There was a clean up day for the neighboring city on Saturday, and because our church is located in that city and the church is a member of the Chamber of Commerce we thought it best to get a team to sign up for clean up. This isn't the first time that our church has fielded a team for clean up. A few years ago during the good years when the city has money to spare, they would pay local citizens to clean up the city park. We then would sign up for an hour or two every Saturday (different teams) to clean up the park and the church would get paid by the number of people who signed up. Then a local bakery volunteered to feed us with coffee and donuts or danish after cleaning up, which is a good deal indeed. Imagine our summer time weather here is really perfect, cool in the morning when we start picking up trash, and we get fresh cool air while being outside. But the money has dried up and so this program has been stopped for a couple of years now.

So this new program of getting people to volunteer to clean up the city is well received. There's 6 people from our church who signed up and two others were added to our group. They are individual volunteers who did not belong to any group. One of them is a high school student, a leader in school who needs a few hours of volunteer work to add to her record. Of course she also brought her boyfriend along.

Anyway, it's another one of those things I can totally say was worth getting up early for. It's nice to participate in causes like this one. And guess what just his luck again my husband's photo appeared in the local website article about the clean up. He really gets the attention.


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