Day 14 (30 days of June)



In my 19 years of watching baseball, I've never seen it happen before last night. Well neither did the organization that I pull for. In their 128-year history, the San Francisco Giants didn't have a pitcher who pitched a PERFECT game. A perfect game in baseball is when 27 batters come to the plate and not one gets on base, either by hits or error. Well, until Matt Cain performed with flawless precision last night.

I should have known something was going to happen. You see as I was leaving work last evening around 6 pm, my head was busy with SF Giants thoughts. I know. I know. You can't believe I'd waste precious times thinking about the Giants when there's so many things to think about. But just the same, I was preoccupied with the Giants as I walked to my car. My thoughts were mainly on Tim Lincecum, the other Giant's ace who has been struggling big time this season. He can't seem to find his groove and no sign of his brilliance is coming out yet. I was thinking that the only way to get his groove back is for him to pitch a no-hitter, well a perfect game really if I'm dreaming.

So last night when the game went on, I switched the channel from reruns of Big Bang Theory to the baseball game. I thought I'd watch them again since there is nothing else on the tv that night. Doncha worry I wasn't vegetating. I was actually doing my stretching and my made-up yoga poses while watching the tv.

I wouldn't have stayed on the game except that the giants were offensively wreaking havoc to the hapless opponents, the Houston Astros. And I love to see high-scoring game. It's fun.

As the game progressed, my hubby who was in the couch with me by this time begged me to change the channel since it's a lopsided game anyway. I showed him that the game wasn't the scoring game he can see but the fact that Matt Cain wasn't giving anyone a chance to be on base. He has zero hits and the game is on the 6th innings already.

And so it happened. The magic oozed through my tv set. I'm so happy and excited and glad I tuned in last night. Boy that was great. I was too tired to write on facebook about it last night.

I watched all the post-game coverage and all the interviews. I think my baseball mojo is back, baby!!!!


Who would have thought that after such a perfect night, the morning commute would be anything but perfect. There was a fire in the transbay tunnel that prevented any trains coming from the East Bay to enter San Francisco. Without the trains, buses were called to transport stranded passengers who did not know the overnight fire.

However, many have chosen to drive. Now more cars in the roadways mean more traffic. And there was a barrage of cars in the roadways. My 20-mile commute turned into an hour and half drive. Luckily the talk radio was all abuzz with the perfect game last night that I didn't really mind the delay, however, I was still late coming in to work.

That's all I have to say.


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