5 Down 7 To Go

Last Day of May already, 5 months down, 7 more to go. Before you know it, we're blowing horns and clicking our glasses to welcome a brand new year. Geez!

I don't know where May went, believe you me. It just whizzed past by me. It was a quiet month. Work, home, church. Repeat over and over, week after week.

I do remember the month was spent browsing online for tours to India, then contacting them via email, exchanging emails back and forth, and finally settling on an itinerary and price that was perfect for us. It was confirmed though that it will be monsoon season when we go there by the travel agent. However, our Indian friends told us there's hardly rain where we're going anyway. I don't really care. I can use some rain :)

Our wedding anniversary happened this month too. The previous two years we've been going to Monterey for our anniversary but this year we decided to go north in Eureka to see the giant redwood trees. Our dear friends, another couple, tagged along. Made for a fun trip. No romantic dinner though.

So that's how May came to me. How was yours?


kassidy's notes said…
May was gloomy - death in the family. I'm hoping June would bring more warmth and smiles.
Kalantikan said…
So, Happy Anniversary, though it is already belated. You write well and you travel well, that is already very concrete achievements in this lifetime. You said in your comment in mine, you wonder how you were able to stay long here in the country with the heat and humidity we have. We have to make do, it is the only country we have and we love it! In my case i stay inside most of the time, but i also wonder how those people who make a living outside were able to do it. I guess it is just the way things are, especially if there are not much choices.

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